Stephanie Davis on 'helping people with her experience' amid Hollyoaks storyline

Stephanie Davis tonight opened up on the Hollyoaks rape storyline she recently filmed after returning to the soap as Sinead Shelby.

The actress told on the Bafta TV Awards red carpet on Sunday night it ‘felt like going home’ heading back on set and she’s evidently got important messages to share that are also personal.

Stephanie is currently starring in a storyline which has seen her character Sinead brutally raped by her own husband Laurie (Kyle Pryor), but is struggling to come to terms with what has happened to her.

Having gone through her own personal turmoil after an acrimonious split with former boyfriend Jeremy McConnell, played out in the public eye, she told us: ‘It was my priority to help people with what I’ve been through.

‘And it’s already helped so many people.’

She added of the ‘overwhelming’ response she’s received from viewers of the long-running soap that she was happy to ‘bring justice’ to the delicate and sensitive storyline.

‘[It’s a] big story line it’s been really challenging, but I’ve done it and I’ve done it justice. I’m really happy with it.

‘It’s overwhelming right now.’

Following the controversy of her personal life, she admitted: ‘It was hard…I know who I am as a person and everything came out in the wash and I’m happier now.’

Finding the silver lining, Stephanie said she now gets ‘to help people with my experiences.’

She previously took to Twitter ahead of tonight’s event to thank fans for voting for her, admitting that filming the harrowing storyline had been ‘close to home’ having suffered a similar experience herself and revealing that rape survivors have reached out to her for her portrayal of their plight.

She wrote: ‘I felt privileged to have this story line, especially as it’s so close to a part of my own life. I’m so grateful for all your messages & to those I have helped.

‘I cannot believe the amount of people who have spoke out & reached out. The fact I’ve got to help people just means everything! Filming this storyline was very hard for me as you could imagine, at the beginning I didn’t quite know how I was going to do it and film it, but I did.

‘I gave it my everything and with the freedom & trust of my amazing directors they let me do what I had to do with each scene to make it believable & as real as possible as I had had that experience to know how to get this story line across as powerful & as real as possible.’

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