Stephen Colbert Gets Peak Jeff Goldblum in Brilliantly Bizarre Interview that Defies Description

“That one sentence was an emotional roller coaster,” the “Late Show” host said in awe. “I didn’t know where it was going, I didn’t know what the next word would be.”

Jeff Goldblum is a rare flower in Hollywood and someone absolutely mesmerizing to watch no matter what he’s doing. With his distinctive pauses, intellectual demeanor and totally unpredictable mind, talking with him is always an adventure. And it’s one Stephen Colbert thoroughly enjoyed on Thursday night.

The "Late Show" host was almost immediately taken off guard from the moment Goldblum arrived with a long embrace and concern for an injury Colbert sustained during his vacation while out fishing.

As Colbert was explaining what happened, Goldblum began pulling wrapped candies out of his pocket and setting them in a pile on Colbert’s desk. Finally, Colbert had to ask.

"Why do you have Ricola on my desk?"

"I just got it backstage and then I put it out because I didn’t want to upset my pockets, so I put it out there," Goldblum said amiably. "You want some?"

And that sums up the confidence with which Goldblum goes through life and the next moment showed how his mind worked. Colbert joked that it looked like they were playing prison poker, so he offered up some Advil. From there, Goldblum launched into a trivia moment, asking Colbert to name what movie had a character hooked on aspirin.

When it came time for Goldblum to actually plug his movie "The Mountain," he had everybody eating out of the palm of his hand. Most actors and actresses speak for a few seconds about a clip, but Goldblum went into the thesis of the movie and it was just gorgeously described. In fact, we could watch an hour and a half of Jeff Goldblum describing Jeff Goldblum movies and it would be money well spent.

After the clip, Goldblum proceeded to offer a breakdown critique of it, with his trademark pauses sprinkled throughout and Colbert was on the edge of his seat.

"Look at those colors, look at those siphoned-out colors, listen to that Kubrik-esque ‘Shining’ kind of music," Goldblum said of the clip. "Throughout this movie one of the things I think we do is take the nostalgia glow that’s even now supposed to be revisited and found back then and we de-romanticize it."

It was as if Colbert was overwhelmed and exhausted by every bit of that statement. "This is what I love about you," he said. "That one sentence was an emotional roller coaster. I didn’t know where it was going, I didn’t know what the next word would be."

"Neither did I," Goldblum laughed. He added as a joke, "I love more in ten minutes than most people do in an entire lifetime," but we’re not so sure that’s a joke.

Later in the show, Goldblum showed his remarkable memory with stories of summers from his youth, including his first exposure to acting and even the amazing summer he launched his professional career with an incredible opportunity and lost his virginity. And he broke all of this down in about two minutes.

It’s not what he says but how he says it that makes the magic. You can check it out for yourself in the clip below and catch a bit of that Goldblum magic in "The Mountain," hitting theaters nationwide today.

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