Strictlys Amy Dowden reveals co-stars secret signal to her on show amid cancer battle

Amy Dowden has revealed that her Strictly co-star Carlos Gu has been making 'secret hand signals' during the show to prove he's thinking of her.

The 33-year-old professional dancer hasn't been able to take part in this year's series due to being diagnosed with breast cancer in May.

Amy has already undergone a mastectomy and is currently receiving chemotherapy treatment.

In June, she was told her cancer had spread after doctors discovered more tumours and another type of cancer in her body.

The TV star admitted that while she cried seeing her colleagues talking to the dancefloor without her, she was comforted by knowing that Carlos has been making the 'hand signals' for her.

Amy has formed a close bond with Carlos, 30, after years of competing with him on the show and revealed that he was emotional after seeing her shave her head.

She told the Mirror: "Carlos was crying when I showed him, he wants to shave his head, too.

"He's adamant, and that he's getting a tattoo, a breast cancer one, but I've told him he's not allowed to shave his head, he's on Strictly!"

Carlos is currently taking part in the show with his TV presenter partner Angela Scanlon.

Amy also revealed the sweet way in which Angela has tried to help her cope with her hair loss, explaining how the Irish TV star has a friend with alopecia who makes wigs.

After Angela kindly invited her along to try some new hairstyles, Amy said: "It was actually a really fun experience."

"I tried on a grey one so I know what I'll look like grey! Bobs, fringes, long, outrageous ones. I have ordered two – one is typical Amy, and the other people will have to wait and see!"

It comes as Amy shared that she had nearly died due to the complications of her chemotherapy.

The star was rushed to the hospital after she suffered sepsis and blood clots, leaving her 'vital organs failing.'

She told the Mirror how she collapsed with a high temperature, saying: "From there everything got very serious."

"I remember going into the hospital and them telling me I had an infection, but the following day it got very bad, I was unresponsive to antibiotics for hours."

After going into septic shock, Amy also had a low heart rate, and her infection markers were at dangerous levels, but finally, she responded to the third type of antibiotics she was given.

Grateful Amy reflected on the terrifying experience, saying: "We met the paramedics a week later, and they said if I had gone to bed that night I might not have woken up the next morning."

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