Suranne Jones suffered ‘whiplash’ while doing her own stunts during BBC series Vigil

Vigil: Suranne Jones stars in trailer for BBC drama series

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The first episode of the BBC series will air on Sunday. The programme, which stars Suranne Jones, and Line of Duty star Martin Compston will begin when a crew member is found dead on board a nuclear submarine called HMS Vigil. Detective Chief Inspector Amy Silva (played by Suranne) is ordered by her boss to go on board the vessel to investigate. Speaking at a press Q&A event held earlier this week, Suranne explained that when she got approached for the role, she was determined to do a lot of the stunts herself. However, she admitted to suffering a few bumps and bruises along the way.

The first episode of the drama sees Suranne’s character jumping out of a helicopter to board the submarine.

Speaking about filming her own stunts, the actress began: “There were a lot of stunts besides the helicopter (scene).

“And I did get whiplash at one point but other than that it all went smoothly.”

There were also a lot of scenes where it would look like the cast were being thrown around the submarine.

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The former soap star continued: “Obviously we can’t move the set like that, it had to be a camera tilt.”

“The camera has to tilt one way and we fall the other way.

“I threw myself on the floor (at one point). It was so embarrassing.

Discussing the moment she was cast for the role of Amy, the 43-year-old explained she met with the producers about how she wanted her character to come across.

She recalled: “We met and spoke about all the aspects of Amy because I didn’t want anything to get lost.

“It’s such a busy script content-wise because of the land investigation and the underwater investigation.

“And as you’ll see you have to keep up with it because there is a lot to keep on top of and there are a lot of characters.

“Amy having to face things she had never faced was a really big thing for me.”

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The drama, which was shot in a studio in Glasgow, was forced to halt production halfway through filming because of the pandemic.

Suranne went on to say she already felt anxiety because of the pandemic, and it was only made worse by having to work in enclosed spaces.

She explained: “We took the walls out to get around the set but that was hard, and it added to the tension.

“No producers were allowed on set (either). It was tough but thank God we had an amazing cast.”



Suranne’s character, Amy is meant to be on Vigil for just three days, however, she uncovers a lot of other things and becomes trapped down there for longer.

The series is expected to run until the end of September, with the first two episodes airing on Sunday and Bank Holiday Monday.

Suranne went on to tease the ending of the drama, as she exclaimed: “It’s quite shocking.”

“That’s the bold thing about the show,” Suranne concluded. “That it’s about human stories and like I said, it is so busy with content.

“It’s a bold show, with two female leads. It has a romantic story but the thrills that come in the last episode were amazing and quite shocking. I have never seen something like this before.”

Vigil begins on Sunday at 9pm on BBC One.

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