Suranne Jones talks raunchy lesbian sex scenes in BBC drama: ‘We had chemistry’

Suranne Jones, 40, has taken on a new role as a fearless lesbian that sent shockwaves through the West Yorks during the Victorian era for raunchy BBC drama Gentlemen Jack.

Full of racy sex scenes, the BBC One costume drama sees Suranne play Anne Lister, who doesn’t hold back when it comes to her love for ladies. 

As well as a string of women, viewers will see Anne get into some steamy situations with her wife Ann Walker, who is played by Peaky Blinders star Sophie Rundle, 31.

The true story is based on the real life diary entries from Anne, who spent her life travelling the world whilst documenting her extensive amount of sexual conquests over 34 years.

Speaking to The Sun, Suranne revealed how exactly the “intimate moments” were filmed.

The star revealed: “We used the camera to come in on us and find intimate moments, which was really great, because we were able to just play that between us like no one else was in the room.

“By the end me and Sophie were like two nans with a cup of tea. Like, covers off, hanging out and it was great.”

The former Coronation Street star also confessed that she knew Sophie was perfect for the part before she had even been cast.

She added: “We had a ‘chemistry read’ first and when Sophie was cast, I knew straight away, ‘That’s my girl’.

“Mine and Sophie’s chemistry grew as you see it in real time, throughout the eight episodes.”

Suranne also mentioned why she felt the authentic role was a good fit for her, continuing: “I am a 40-year-old actress who’s looking for parts that are worthy of the 40 years that I’ve lived and my experience.”

The series featured bold scenes where Anne (Suranne) was seen pleasuring her wife under the covers, while others saw the pair swiftly closing the drawing room doors after they had passionately kissed.

Gentlemen Jack starts on May 19at 9pm on BBC One.

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