Teen Mom Chelsea Houska SLAMS trolls who body-shame her tween daughter Aubree, 11, and says 'it makes me sick!'

TEEN Mom Chelsea Houska SLAMMED trolls who body-shamed her tween daughter Aubree and said "it makes me sick!"

The former TV star made the decision to leave the MTV show to protect her daughter's privacy.

Chelsea, 29, took to her Instagram Stories on Monday to answer fan's questions, in which she addressed comments made about her daughter's appearance.

While sitting in what appeared to be a porch swing, with the sun glaring in the background, the former reality star wore a blue hoodie and glasses to interact with her fans.

When one asked if she was surprised at how quickly her daughter is growing up and if she's "amused" by the comments people have been making about her," the Teen Mom 2 alum immediately went into protective mode.

"I did want to answer this because I am amused by everyone's reaction to it because I know you guys feel like you know Aubree," she began.

"Someone was like 'we're all her Aunties' and I thought that was so cute, but I do have one thing that I do not like and it makes me sick honestly is when people comment on her body."

The mom-of-four-continued to defend her daughter, saying: "She's an 11 almost 12-year-old girl and I don't know why people feel like they can comment on her body in any way shape or form. It makes me not want to post her."

The TV star frequently shares pictures of her children on social media – she is also mom to Layne, two, Watson, four, and Walker, seven months whom she shares with husband Cole DeBoer.


Earlier this month, Chelsea posted an adorable snap of her posing with her preteen daughter who looked all grown up and resembling her father, Adam Lind.

The ex MTV star wore a bright yellow blouse and had a cap on her head. 

Chelsea's dark hair was straight and long enough to reach her waist.

Aubree tied her long hair into a ponytail and had on denim jeans. 

They both seemed to be enjoying themselves as they flashed a smile at the camera. 


Fans have been shocked with how quickly Aubree has grown up, especially after a new photoshoot with her mom back in June.

The mother-daughter duo posed in matching outfits on the porch of their South Dakota farmhouse as fans flooded the comments with their surprise.

The two wore teal tee-shirts, black jeans, and Doc Martin shoes as they smiled and held up peace signs for the camera.

“Oh my gosh I Love this!!!! I can’t believe how grown up Aubree is! You are an amazing mom and are raising some incredible children!" one fan wrote as they gushed about Chelsea's parenting skills.

“Omg aubree is sooooo big!!!” another agreed while a third asked: “Why is she so big???”

Another laughed: “Omgggg when did she become all grown up. I been watching since 16 & pregnant & I feel so old now.”

"I love it!!!! She’s getting so big! They grow up too fast," a fifth contributed.

“I’m not okay with Aubree being so grown," another wrote.


The relationship between Aubree and her father has been rocky over the years, as Adam has made minimal effort to be apart of his daughter's life.

In March, Chelsea’s ex had a warrant out for his arrest after he failed to pay child support for Aubree.

According to a warrant exclusively obtained by The Sun, Adam “failed to comply with the court’s order for compliance” by “failing to support minor child” in his case with Chelsea.

The January 11th document asserted that law enforcement must “arrest Adam Lind either in the daytime or in the nighttime” and bring him to court. 

Adam was also arrested in August of 2020 for not paying child support to his baby mama.

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