Teen Mom Kailyn Lowry poses on a boat with Leah Messer after calling Lauren Comeau a 'victim' and 'liar' in angry rant

KAILYN Lowry posed on a boat with Leah Messer on their Dominican Republic vacation – hours after ranting about 'liar' Lauren Comeau.

The Teen Mom 2 stars laughed and danced during a lavish boat trip around the Caribbean island in the photos.

Kailyn, 29, wore a black lace cover-up and rope sandals, while Leah, also 29, rocked a hot-pink bikini.

Kailyn shared the photos on Instagram on Thursday evening, writing: "I love us."

Leah shared her own photos from the shoot, captioning them: "Out of Office with my favorite Beach."

The costars reunited in Punta Cana earlier this week, where Kailyn has been vacationing with her four sons, Isaac, 11, Lincoln, 7, Lux, 3 and Creed, 11 months.

Amid her idyllic vacation,Kailyn branded her ex-husband Javi Marroquin's ex Lauren Comeau a “manipulative liar who collects paychecks off their backs.”

She launched a furious rant on IG Live last night after The Sun exclusively reported that cops were called over an altercation between Lauren and Javi.

Javi called the cops claiming she hit him, though Lauren denied it and she told the officers he "made a false allegation."

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Kailyn and Javi, who were married from 2012-2017 and share son Lincoln, 7 together, took to Instagram Live on Thursday to slam Lauren.

While first appearing alone, the MTV star told her followers: "I want to get this off my chest because I’m tired of people truly pulling the victim card and acting like they’re perfect and constantly pointing the finger at other people.

"So Lauren, this one is for you! You don’t get to attack my ex-husband in front of your son and I know that that was true because my husband would never ever ever ever lie about you beating him in front of his son."

Javi and Lauren, who split after Kailyn accused her ex of trying to hook up with her, share two-year-old son Eli together.


Recounting a recent conversation Kailyn had with Lauren, the Teen Mom 2 star admitted they called each other nasty names.

She said: "We’re not going to pretend like you didn’t call me a ‘fat f**k’ and a ‘fat piece of s**t’ last night or whatever night I called you to call you out on your s**t.

"So yes, I did call you a ‘c**t’ but your resentment does not give you the right to beat people and further more, talk s**t about me when I put myself into therapy.

"I’m so disappointed in how you’re handling this and pulling the victim card. I know people are going to be coming at me for this but I will not allow this."

The 29-year-old said she wished people would "stop acting so perfect online" and claimed Lauren's "entire following came from me and my sacrifices and my dirt.

"And all of my s**t on TV and you get to just sit back and play house and act like you’re perfect and collect a paycheck from Arbon off my back and my sacrifices and what I work for so no, I’m not going to let this continue."

The TV personality continued: "The whole thing from what I understand is Lauren knew I was going to Wyoming to visit a friend. Javi asked if he could come I said sure, it’s not just me going it’s a whole group of us and the kids are coming.

"And she got really upset that Javi asked for Eli and as soon as he asked for Eli, this is what I’m told, I know for a fact because I was sent pictures that she punched him in the face several times and kicked him when he was down. So we’re not going to pretend like that just didn’t happen."


Once Javi joined the Instagram Live on a separate screen, Kailyn told her ex: “I’m trying to have your back here because I know in this situation you’re not a liar. This is something that I know you wouldn’t lie about.

“I know we’ve all been very messy the past several years but that’s not a justification to get beat or beating someone.

“I will not allow it to continue. Her hands are not clean.”

Javi responded: “She has all these people fooled. I hope people see who she really is.

“It’s all a front. It is what it is. I heard your story. Exactly what you said is exactly what happened. If the roles were reversed, she would’ve left me to hang dry in a second.”


Kailyn continued to bash Javi's second baby mama as she said Lauren's "pretending to be perfect on Instagram and now no one believes you."

Javi said he has "to take care of myself" before admitting: "If I let this continue and I do snap one day, I would go to prison."

He then insisted Lauren punched him as he said: "But I didn’t get a black eye so they couldn’t do anything.”

Earlier today, it was reported that Javi "called the cops on his baby mama Lauren" after she allegedly "hit him" during a new altercation.

In an exclusive statement made to The Sun by Dover Police Department, a new "domestic matter" occurred between the exes on Tuesday evening at Lauren's home.

In an exclusive statement to The Sun, Lauren claimed: "He made a false accusation & called the police hours after he left my home.

"He came to my home to pick up our son, entered my home after I asked him to not enter my home repeatedly.

"The police issued an investigation, they talked to witnesses & no charges were filed."

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