Teen Mom Maci Bookout's husband Taylor screams 'don't buck up to me!' at her ex Ryan's dad in nasty reunion brawl video

TEEN Mom Maci Bookout's husband Taylor told Ryan's dad, Larry: "Don't buck up to me!"

A new promo for the upcoming Teen Mom OG reunion shows the beginning of the heated altercation.

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A promo clip of the fight breaking out between the families saw Taylor tell Larry: "Don't you buck up to me!" 

This followed Larry accusing him and Maci, “Hold on. You said that we put him in an unsafe situation. Let me tell you something. Never would that ever happen. Ever.”

Taylor explained: “When you’re forcing him to when y’all are showing up to something and you’re telling him ‘Go over there and give your dad a hug, go take a picture with your dad.’ Bentley is a child.”

Larry responded: “Remember that.”

Taylor went back: “Hey, stop forcing, stop forcing a relationship on the child.”

Earlier in the clip, Taylor responded to allegations Maci limited Bentley's visits with Jen and Larry saying: “Since I’ve been around, I know this woman has bent over backward to make sure that Bentley kept a relationship with them through everything that Ryan has put us through.”

But Larry insisted he never said Maci turned Bentley again his dad and paternal grandparents saying: “I didn’t say ‘against.’ I didn’t say ‘against.’ What I said is that a 12-year-old boy can be manipulated. That is what I said. That is what I thought.”

Maci added she was surprised to hear that's how they felt sharing: “I did not know that existed. Like, I didn’t know that that’s how y’all felt.”

Jen went on of their difficult position supporting Ryan through his addiction recovery explaining: “You know we’re caught in the middle. You know how much we love Bentley. And, you know how much we wanna support Ryan and his recovery and it’s so hard.”

“I mean, if you put yourself in our place and if Bentley had a problem down the road, I know for a fact that you would do everything in your power to support him.”

Larry also said: “You wouldn’t want to give up on him. You wouldn’t turn your back on him.”

Teen Mom OG – Season 9

Season 9 was filmed as the outbreak of coronavirus hit America.

Who's in the cast this season?

  • Amber Portwood
  • Catelynn Lowell
  • Cheyenne Floyd
  • Maci Bookout McKinney
  • Mackenzie McKee

Who are their boyfriends, husbands and baby daddies?

  • Amber Portwood's boyfriend Dimitri Garcia
  • Catelynn Lowell's husband Tyler Baltierra
  • Cheyenne Floyd's ex-boyfriend Cory Wharton
  • Maci Bookout's husband Taylor McKinney
  • Mackenzie McKee's husband Josh McKee

Teen Mom OG 's season nine aired on January 26th 2021 on MTV.

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