Terrible death news destroys the Dingles in Emmerdale tonight

The Dingle clan is set to be ripped apart in a terrible way as Lisa Dingle (Jane Cox) returns and breaks the tragic news that she is going to die. Emmerdale viewers are already in on the harrowing secret as Charity (Emma Atkins) recently visited Lisa in Scotland where she found out the matriarch is terminally ill.

Lisa wanted to make funeral preparations and swore Charity to secrecy but it has been plaguing her since so when the family arrange a welcome home party for Lisa and husband Zak (Steve Halliwell), she feels uncomfortable as everyone else is in a celebratory mood.

Having missed her parents, Belle (Eden Taylor-Draper) is particularly jubilant but as Lisa and Zak’s forced cheer becomes too strained when they arrive, Lisa knows that it’s time she comes clean.

As she explains to the family that she doesn’t have long to live, there is a stunned silence and Belle initially refused to believe that there is nothing that can be done.

But before long, the truth of the terrible matter dawns on the Dingles – they are going to lose the heart of their clan and life is never going to be the same again.

With Zak also struggling with the imminent loss of his beloved wife, he will later head out and the family worry as he remains missing. Is he coping with Lisa’s fate and can the family pull together as Lisa admits that she is scared to die?

Everything has changed for the Dingles and they need each other more than ever as they face one of their toughest ever challenges ahead.

And it won’t be easy for viewers either to say a final farewell to show stalwart Lisa, a constant in the Dingle household for so many years.

Emmerdale continues on Monday 13th May at 7am on ITV.

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