The Apprentice's axed star Souleyman slams 'patronising' Lord Sugar after being fired from the show

FIRED The Apprentice candidate Souleyman Bah has slammed Lord Sugar's "patronising" comments after calling him "brave" for entering the process.

The 20-year-old, who is a para athlete and lives with tunnel vision, was the third contestant to leave the BBC One business competition.

However, he has hit out at Lord Sugar for calling him "brave" and says his achievements speak for themselves.

He told The Sun Online: "I did feel a bit patronised when he said I was brave for coming on this process.

"As a person with a disability, you hear that every day, oh you're so brave for doing this. I felt like there was no need for him to say that.

"The audition alone, 70,000 people applied and I was in the final 16. It wasn't easy.

"I'm also a successful athlete. I don't need any sympathy or comments like that from him. I think I stood my ground and was bold.

"I didn't really like him calling me brave."

The candidates were tasked with coming up with the best toy for six to eight-year-olds.

Team Empower's talking turtle ended up losing out to the superior branding of Team Unison's unicorn-heavy Kingdom of Slime.

Both the corporate clients Team Empower pitched to said their turtle toy was aimed at the wrong demographic – something Souleyman pointed out.

He continued: "I personally think it was an unfair firing, because normally Lord Sugar fires the person who was responsible for the failure of the task.

"I did not feel like I was responsible for it failing. I feel like I made reasonable points along the process that nobody listened to, and subsequently used that against me. 

"The reason the task failed was because the toy was the wrong age range. The people who were responsible for that were Tom and his team.

"And the project manager Riyonn, because he completely detached himself from responsibility. He didn’t input anything into the making of the toy, even though that’s why he was elected, because he’s made toys in the past.

"He did a terrible job of pitching. And he also didn't do that great a job of the dancing – I did try my best."

Soulyeman also believes his past efforts weren't taken into account, as in the first episode he "was cracking jokes [and] I put poo in my mouth".

Meanwhile, he believes Lewis and Scarlett are the ones to watch going forward.

He said: "They are very professional in their approach, they are very grounded, they make their points heard."

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