‘The Bachelorette’: Is Luke P. Really Already Falling In Love With Hannah B.?

We’re only two episodes into Hannah Brown’s season of The Bachelorette and one contestant has already told our leading lady that he’s falling in love with her. His name is Luke P. and he’s just an intense kind of guy.

We first met Luke P. in his introduction video that aired during Hannah B.’s premiere. He talked about his time as a promiscuous college student and how it left him feeling hollow and empty. Then he watched his brother get married and have a baby and he knew what was missing in his life. And that’s why he headed to The Bachelorette.

Hannah Brown’s history with Luke P.

Luke P. told Hannah B. that even when he had seen her on Colton Underwood’s season of The Bachelor he had been attracted to her. He had the opportunity to meet her again during Colton’s finale. Though the two haven’t known each other for too long, their time together has felt more intense than the time Hannah B.’s spent with some of the other contestants. They definitely have chemistry.

In the most recent episode, Luke P. told Hannah B. that he was beginning to fall in love with her. It was in a group date setting so it was in front of several other contestants (and an audience because the date was a sort of beauty pageant). Needless to say, the admission made many of the men who were present roll their eyes. They believed Luke P.’s declaration of love to be more about advancing in the show than his true feelings for Hannah B.

But after the date was over, Luke P. saught out Hannah B. to tell her that his feelings were sincere and remind her that he was truly there for her. She seemed to believe him.

During the cocktail party, Luke P. and Hannah B. had a hot and heavy makeout sesh. Luke P.’s shirt came off and there was some massaging involved.

After the cocktail party was over, Luke P. snuck into the room Hannah B. had exited to to see her one last time, alone, and to continue their sesh. She said she was happy to see him and seemed excited to get to make out with him a little longer, without any of the other men around.

Hannah Brown keeps repeatedly asking for her men to be bold. Luke P., especially, has taken the notion to heart and in addition to being bold with his actions, has been bold with his feelings.

Is Luke P. in love with Hannah Brown?

Is it possible that Luke P. is really in love with Hannah Brown? Yes. A few of the contestants spoke about the impossibility of love at first sight, but Luke P. is an intense person. When he falls in love, he probably falls in love quickly and intensely.

In the preview that teased the coming weeks of Hannah B.’s season, we see a clip of Luke P. screaming in another contestant’s face. Just as he’s possibly quick to love, he may be quick to experience anger. He definitely wears his emotions on his sleeve. We’ll just have to see if his feelings will ever be reciprocated. For now, Hannah B., at the very least, seems to appreciate the bold proclamation.

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