The Bachelorette's Mike Johnson and Connor Saeli Are Moving to Austin Together

It's a Bachelorette bromance!

During Monday's episode of Ben Higgins and Ashley Iaconetti's Almost Famous podcast, Bachelorette star Mike Johnson revealed that he and Connor Saeli are about to be roommates.

″Yes, Connor and I are moving to Austin. Let's go," Johnson said.

The Air Force vet, 32, explained that he and Saeli would often hang out in Dallas before they decided to find a place in Austin.

"Connor lives in Dallas. I live in San Antonio, but my family is from Dallas, so I would always go up to Dallas and Connor and I would always try to kick it,” Johnson said.

Johnson and Saeli, 25, appeared on season 15 of The Bachelorette, vying to win over Hannah Brown. Both were sent home during week seven.

″We just naturally continued to come together,″ Johnson said of his time with Saeli on the show. ″Even on the show, we were bunkmates. He left, then I left the next day. It was meant to be.

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Though Johnson is excited to move in with his Bachelorette bud, he said he will miss the privacy of having a house to himself.

″I’m not going to lie. When you’re feeling down, or sad, or depressed or anything, [I] run around the house butt-naked, listening to [my] favorite music and screaming at the top of [my] lungs,” he admitted.

Still, Johnson said he can ″do [his] thing in [his] room″ and ″just lock the door."

Johnson also said he hopes that Saeli will keep things clean, as he can be a bit ″junky.″

“Connor loves to work out, and that’s one reason why I’m happy to move in together, because he’s going to be a positive influence over me, but the dude needs to pick up after himself,” he teased.

Both Johnson and Saeli also announced their exciting housing news on Instagram.

″It’s official … we roomates… but we still need a 3rd, any takers? 🤪" Johnson wrote alongside a video of the two sitting a car together.

Saeli shared a shot of the duo posing together in front of a building in Austin.

″Your new neighbors #roomies," he wrote.

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