The Big Bang Theory's Mayim Bialik reveals her sons don't know she's famous

The Big Bang Theory star Mayim Bialik hasn’t told her two sons that she’s famous.

The actress – best known for playing Sheldon Cooper’s wife Amy in the long-running sitcom as well as the title character in classic comedy Blossom – is mother to Miles and Frederick, who she shares with ex-husband Michael Stone.

But despite being one of the most recogniseable comedy stars in the US, Mayim says that she had yet to raise the issue of her celebrity with the two boys, and that’s her next challenge as a parent.

‘They know about [my career] in bits and pieces,’ she revealed to US Weekly’s Moms Like Us podcast. ‘My kids didn’t watch television. They’ve never seen Big Bang Theory.’

She continued: ‘They’ve visited me at work a couple of times, but they’re not sitcom watchers.’

The 44-year-old actress did reveal, however, that it gets complicated when the public do recognise her in public.

‘I go to the supermarket,’ she says, ‘but then I get recognised and they remember that I’m not normal at all.’

However, Mayim’s sons aren’t the only ones to have never seen an episode of The Big Bang Theory (we know, we know) – because the Amy Farrah-Fowler star herself hasn’t even watched it.

Mayim made the shock confession speaking to to celebrate the one-year anniversary of the show ending after over a decade on our screens.

‘I’ve never seen most of the episodes,’ Mayim disclosed. ‘I don’t watch myself on television. I’ve never sat and watched an episode of our show, ever.’

She clarified: ‘I’ve seen snippets on stage when they would show them to the audience but no, I don’t watch myself. I saw pieces [of the last episode] but I was in it, you know?’

Well, luckily for her and us all 12 seasons of the comedy are available to stream right now, so that’s enough content to keep you fed until Christmas at the very least.

The Big Bang Theory is available to stream now via Netflix.

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