The Chase sparks outrage as blind contestant with guide dog forced to answer 'p**s take' visual question

THE Chase has come under fire for asking a blind contestant an insensitive question.

Host Bradley Walsh welcomed four guests onto the latest show including a blind contestant who came on with his guide dog.

The contestant, called Rob, was joined by his teammates Katheryn, Sue, and Nick, but was let down by the show's choice of questions during a quickfire round.

During the round, the contestant was awkwardly asked a visual question and fans were not at all happy.

Rob's dog Bobby joined him as he stepped up to the podium to take on Paul 'The Sinnerman' Sinha.

The Chase fans were left enranged for Rob after Bradley asked: "How many numbers usually appear on a standard UK barcode?"

Rob was upset to have Paul knock him out of the game after he answered nine instead of the correct answer that is 13.

Before answering the contestant admitted he had "no idea" what the answer was.

Viewers wasted no time before they jumped on Twitter to complain about the question.

One tweeted: "Asking a blind contestant how many numbers are there on a barcode is totally absurd” How on earth would they know!"

"That #thechase question was no better than asking the blind contestant ‘what colour of shirt am I wearing?" another vented.

A third fumed: "#TheChase at it AGAIN with very unfair questions asking a player who’s blind ‘How many numbers are there in a UK barcode? #Disability #DisabilityTwitter."

One more argued: "Rather a stupid/ignorant question to ask someone who’s registered blind to know how many numbers are on a barcode."

It comes after The Chase asked a visually impaired contestant once before a visual question – that ended up getting them booted from the game.

While watching Rob, some viewers remembered Astrophysics student Josh who was a guest back in August.

The visually impaired player was knocked out after he was asked: "At the start of a snooker game, which ball is placed furthest from the player?"

Josh admitted he was guessing when he choose pink, whereas the answer was black.

Watching Rob's episode, one eagle-eyed viewer remembered: "Last time I saw a blind contestant on here they got a question about snooker, something like what is higher, brown blue or pink. Unfair yeah #thechase."


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