The Chase: ‘You’re always so horrible!’ Bradley Walsh left ‘upset’ by Paul Sinha’s jibe

The Chase returned to ITV tonight with the midweek instalment of the popular quiz show. Joining Bradley Walsh was a new team of players hoping to beat the chaser and pocket some cash. Sitting in the hot seat tonight was Paul ‘The Sinnerman’ Sinha and he was on top form. 

Player one, Kath a 65-year-old returned education consultant kicked off the game with answer five questions correctly in the cash builder. 

She approached the table with £5,000 and failed to be tempted by a low offer of £500 or a high offer of £25,000. 

And she managed to continue her success as she returned to the table with her £5,000 for the jackpot. 

Up next was Alan, a 55-year-old insurance underwriter and unfortunately he struggled to pick up momentum after getting a question wrong in the cash builder. 


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With £3,000 on the table, it wasn’t long before he was out of the game and it was left to contestant three to help increase the prize fund.

Jack, a 27-year-old accountant got a whopping seven questions correct, but it was when he faced the Chaser he stood in the middle of Bradley and Paul bickering. 

It came after the question: “What is the medical name for the eardrum? A. Triangular membrane, B Trumpet membrane or C. Tympanic membrane.” 

Of course, Paul being from a medical background, he got the answer correct. 

He explained: “What they’re getting at is they’re all musical instruments, triangle, the trumpet and the tympanum which is otherwise called the kettle drum. 

“The tympanum is the other word for the tympanic membrane.” 

“Trumpet could’ve been feasible,” Bradley argued to which Paul stated: “They’re all feasible, but apart from the fact two of them are wrong.” 

“Why are you always so horrible to me?” The host retaliated jokingly. 


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“I’m not!” Paul argued. “I’m a big fan, not as big as my mum but a big fan.

“You’re mum’s a big fan?” Bradley asked pretending to be surprised. “Where’s my curry!” 

“She’s very very busy at the moment,” Paul excused by Bradley wasn’t having his excuse: “She’s busy at the moment? How long you been on the show now?” 

After revealing he had been a chaser for eight years, Bradley exclaimed: “How busy can you be? Eight years, crikey, bring it in!

“What’s your mums name again? Olika, liven up love. I’ve been waiting eight years, eight years I’ve been waiting. 

“Your lad has promised me this, it’s meant to be the best, the best, the best! Come on, let’s have it,” Bradley remarked talking directly to the camera. 

As for how well the team did, only two got to the final chase. 

With £6,000 to play for, Paul beat them with a staggering minute to spare. 

The Chase airs weekday evenings at 5pm on ITV. 

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