The Jeremy Kyle Show ‘to be replaced by Martin Lewis after axe’

Since the news of The Jeremy Kyle Show's cancellation, fans have been rushing to predict what programme will replace it.

The controversial show was pulled from air on Monday following the suspected suicide of guest Steve Dymond, and two days later, the channel announced it will not be returning.

Now, PR guru to the stars Rob Cooper has given his expert opinion on what programme he thinks ITV will bring in as a permanent alternative in the coveted daytime slot.

Hinting that ITV, whose share price has dropped significantly since the axe, will be looking to dramatically change their output following the news, Cooper said that This Morning's money guru Martin Lewis could be in with a shot.

"It’s unlikely they are going to be able to replace the show with another chat show, mainly because they will have to play it very safe a tone it down, which wouldn't be popular," he explained.

"But more importantly there will be a natural resentment from loyal Jeremy Kyle viewers if its replaced with another chat show."

Throwing his guess into the ring, he added: "Personally I believe giving Martin Lewis a show under a slightly different format could be a very wise move.

"A large percentage of Jeremy Kyle’s viewers are going to be people who are looking to feel better about their own lives, so they have two options – to either look at people in a worse position or look for solutions to improve their situation."

"If Martin Lewis was given a show where guests could discuss any financial problems, not only would he be helping his guest but also thousands of viewers at home".

He went on: "It doesn't even need to be solutions to debt, it could be exploring different work from home schemes, child care solutions, employment opportunities understanding compensation schemes such as PPI and bank charges.

"The public want to understand their money and opportunities in life better, but currently its always shows appealing to a different demographic.

"Ultimately, a large percentage of Jeremy Kyle viewers are stay at home parents, unemployed people or young adults looking for some direction in their future. I don't think you could find a better replacement than Martin Lewis to help people trying to better their own lives."

Dickinson's Real Deal is currently playing in the 9.25am slot that Kyle used to dominate, and will reportedly continue to be scheduled as such until the end of May.

And while some are happy with the replacement, others have already expressed that they're less than impressed at the alternative.

"Can’t believe that ITV has replaced the Jeremy Kyle show with Dickinsons Real Deal. Days ruined," one Twitter user fumed on Tuesday.

While another chipped in: "The fact they cut #jeremykyleshow and replaced it with dickinsons real deal is outrageous".

The official replacement for Kyle's show is yet to be revealed.

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