The Masked Dancer will let viewers hear celebs' REAL voices, reveals Jonathan Ross

THE Masked Dancer's Jonathan Ross has revealed one major difference from its singing cousin – we will be allowed to hear the stars' real voices.

As Masked Singer fans know, celebs put on a range of convincing – and not so convincing – accents or undergo voice distortion.

That led to Coronation Street's John Thompson pretending to be Australian and US superstar Ne-Yo attempting a Cockney accent.

Jonathan, who will reprise his role as a judge on The Masked Dancer when it starts tomorrow night, revealed: "It is tough not hearing their voices.

"But there is a stage in the series where we get to hear one word from them. However, even on The Masked Singer people try to disguise their voices."

However, he warned that hearing people's voices might not actually help at all.

Jonathan added: "The weird thing is – and maybe even people find this at home – that when you get it in your head that it is someone, you find yourself trying to make that work.

"If enough of the clues fit then it's very hard to move yourself away from your original idea.

"You find yourself going down that road and it picks up speed and you can't do a U-turn."

Like The Masked Singer, The Masked Dancer sees celebrities disguised in elaborate costumes, with clues dropped about their identity in pre-recorded films.

All the original judges are returning apart from Rita Ora, who is being replaced by Strictly star Oti Mabuse.

Host Joel Dommett, 35, has teased some big celebs for the new series, which airs at 7pm tomorrow night.

He said: "My assumption with The Masked Dancer was that the names would be lesser than The Masked Singer. But I can honestly tell you the names are equal to, if not better.

"There are some amazing reveals. One in particular completely took us all by surprise. You just wouldn't expect someone like this to do the show. It's the biggest reaction we've had."

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