The Office's Mackenzie Crook shocks This Morning fans as he appears bald – explaining gives him 20mins more in bed

THE Office star Mackenzie Crook shocked This Morning fans today when he appeared on the show completely bald.

The 49-year-old actor explained that he'd done away with his floppy hair so he can enjoy another half-hour in bed each morning.

But some fans urged him to grow it back, insisting he looked more healthy with his trademark hair.

Eamonn Holmes asked the question on This Morning today when they were talking about how he had extensive make-up and prosthetics to play Wuzel Gummidge.

He said: "Does that explain why your hair has gone? Has it been ripped off? Why is your hair gone?

Mackenzie explained: "I went straight from Worzel Gummidge onto another Sky series called Britannia. I also wear prosthetics on that.

"It just means an extra 20 minutes in bed in the morning. Putting a bald cap on would just increase the time.

"I spent my time shaven-headed or glued with plastic all over my head these days."

Mackenzie returns as Worzel Gummidge for a new adventure on Christmas Eve where he and the kids rescue a ship's wooden figurehead called Saucy Nancy who has come to life.

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