The One Show: ‘Sorry’ Angela Scanlon forced to apologise after Michael Caine SWEARS

The One Show aired on BBC One this evening, and it saw Matt Baker and Angela Scanlon present the show together again.

Angela has been sitting in for Alex Jones who’s on maternity leave, and she was forced to apologise to the viewers after their guest swore live on television.

The guest in question was legendary British actor, Sir Michael Caine, and it happened when he was telling an anecdote about what happened to him once while filming a Hollywood movie.

Sir Michael was discussing working on his second Hollywood feature, The Swarm, and that was when he let the swear word slip out by accident.

“I got a lot of lessons, and I got one strange lesson because I got a lot of bees above us one time,” he began.

“Me and Henry Fonda we were doing a scene, and there were all these bees up there, and the beekeeper was keeping them up because they were supposed to descend on us and the stunt people would take over.

“And as we were talking, we both noticed little specs of black on our shirts.

“And we looked up, and the bees were s******* on us,” he finished, and there was a roar of laughter from the audience.

Matt and Angela were laughing, and Angela was forced to apologise for their guest’s use of language.

“Sorry for the language. Sorry about that,” Angela said.

“Think you’re talking to your grandkids,” joked Matt.

Sir Michael looked dismayed by his slip-up and then asked whether the moment could be cut from the show.

“You can cut that,” he said, seemingly not realising that the show was recorded live.

Meanwhile, Matt couldn’t resist making his co-host Angela giggle with a witty innuendo while talking about a sinkhole segment on The One Show yesterday.

The One Show studio burst into laughter when he made a cheeky comment about “massive holes”.

The presenter got onto the topic following a segment about sinkholes, which lead into a conversation about a trip he’d had to the cinema.

With a smile on his face, the BBC star exclaimed to co-host Angela Scanlon, 35: “Well, we were looking at some massive holes earlier on today weren’t we, first thing?”

She giggled in response as she agreed: “We were indeed!”

Matt then tried to move away from his joke by talking about the film, Godzilla: King of the Monsters.

The One Show airs on BBC One at 7pm.

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