The soap world’s oddest ever couples – from Coronation Street's Dev and Deidre to Eastenders' Darren and Heather

LOVE comes in many forms in soapland and while we don’t always understand some of these odd pairings, their entertainment value is great.

From EastEnders’ Heather and Darren to Corrie’s Dev and Deirdre, here are soaps most unlikely couples that got viewers saying, “WTF?”

Dev Alahan and Deidre Barlow – Coronation Street

In 2001, viewers cringed as the love rat hooked up with shop assistant Deirdre Barlow behind her husband Ken's back.

He instantly regretted it the next morning and ditched devastated Deirdre, before going on to date her daughter Tracy weeks later.

It appears that Dev has a thing for the more mature woman, as in 2016 he woke up in bed with Mary Taylor after inviting her along to a spa retreat last minute.

While he looked mortified the morning after, she can't help but talk about what a good time she's had. Awkward.

Heather Trott and Darren Miller – EastEnders

'Enders viewers reeled when the identity of Heather's baby George turned out to be teenager Darren in 2009.

It later transpired the pair had spent the night together following a drunken evening at the R&R nightclub on Valentine's Day.

Awkwardly, Darren received the news while proposing to long-term girlfriend Libby Fox.

Jai Sharma and Rachel Breckle – Emmerdale

A forbidden fumble on the factory floor after hours one night in 2012 saw the cleaner get pregnant by her boss.

After hearing Rachel was expecting, Jai stopped her having an abortion and offered her a place to live in Leeds.

But Rachel later returned to the village and got together with Sam Dingle, keeping the identity of her baby's dad a secret.

When it finally came out, it sparked the bitter end of Jai's marriage to Charity.

Kevin Webster and Molly Dobbs – Coronation Street

The mechanic fell for his employee's wife when the pair both took up jogging back in 2009.

Despite the substantial age gap, they begin an affair and soon confessed their love for each other, pledging to leave their respective spouses and start a new life together.

But after hearing his wife Sally had cancer, Kevin ended their relationship – breaking Molly's heart.

When Molly discovered she was pregnant she was sure Kevin was the dad, but passed the baby off as Tyrone's.

Sadly Molly came to a sticky end during the 2010 live episode, when a tram plunged off the viaduct into the corner shop.

The true identity of Jack's father was revealed when dying Molly told Sally that Jack was the only thing from the affair she didn't regret.

Belle Dingle and Dr Bailey – Emmerdale

Belle certainly looked older than her 17 years at the time, and MARRIED 'Dales doctor Jermaine Bailey fell for his patient's charms hook, line and sinker in 2016.

Despite being shocked to discover her real age (surely he could have looked at her notes?), the pair continued their steamy affair which only came to an end when Lachlan White dropped her in it with her furious brother Cain.

Roy Cropper and Tracy Barlow – Coronation Street

Possibly our favourite ever unlikely hook-up, this was definitely one of the weirdest and most outrageous bonks in soap history.

In 2003, Tracy made a 1p bet with Bev Unwin that she could bed the cafe owner when the barmaid pointed him out as the one person she knew least likely to cheat on his wife.

After several unsuccessful weeks of trying to charm him, Tracy decided to play dirty and spiked his drink at Peter Barlow and Shelley Unwin's wedding reception, before taking him back to Ken's.

Poor Roy woke up distraught and fled – but that wasn't the end of it.

Tracy later found out she was pregnant (to Steve) but told Roy it was his.

Roy and Hayley then forced Tracy to marry him for £20,000 so they could ensure custody of the baby – but after handing the little one over, Tracy changed her mind and confessed everything on Steve and Karen's wedding day.

The devastated Croppers then handed back the baby they had called Patience, and Tracy renamed her Amy.

Suzanne Ashworth and Darren Osbourne – Hollyoaks

Hollyoaks viewers were stunned when married Suzanne bedded her daughter Hannah's ex-husband Darren in 2009.

The pair then embarked on an affair which resulted in Suzanne falling pregnant with twins.

Despite forgiving her for cheating, when Suzanne's husband found out she was expecting Darren's kids he chucked her out.

She gave birth to twins Jack and Francine during the opening of Tony Hutchinson's spa and the trio moved in with Darren.

But after Cindy agreed to pay her £200,000 for leaving the village so she could have Darren to herself, Suzanne took the twins and the money and ran off to Spain, leaving Darren heartbroken.

Jason Grimshaw and Gemma Winter – Coronation Street

We've all done it, got drunk and ended up chowing down on a dirty kebab but Jason took things one step further by taking home a kebab shop worker – free chips, right?

While grieving for his dad Tony, Jase got hammered and ended up bedding Gemma Winter who spent weeks drooling over him in 2016.

Completely infatuated with the hunky builder, Gemma thought all her Christmases had come at once when drunk Jason invited her back to his but she soon realised he was only after her kebab shop discount and made a hasty exit in the morning.

Gemma is now mum to quads – two boys and two girls – with partner Chesney.

Janine Butcher and Terry Raymond – EastEnders

When Janine's father Frank fled Walford, Terry took her in and the two formed an unlikely allegiance.

Terry began to view Janine as the daughter he never had, which the devious lass took as an opportunity to exploit money and attention from him – even purposefully dressing in a similar fashion to his dead daughter.

When Terry started dating Margaret Walker in 2001, Janine became fiercely jealous and did everything in her power to destroy the relationship.

She then tried to seduce him, but after discovering she was using him, Terry chucked her out on the street and left Walford.

Liz McDonald and Lloyd Mullaney – Coronation Street

While having a heart-to-heart about their disastrous love lives, Lloyd and Liz ended up falling into bed together in 2015.

Given Liz is Lloyd's best mate's mum, this didn't go down well.

It wasn't the first time the pair had locked lips – they shared a festive snog back in 2009 and once again were caught out by Steve.

But their romance wasn't meant to be, as Lloyd later reunited with girlfriend Andrea and waved goodbye to Weatherfield.

Cain Dingle and Amy Wyatt – Emmerdale

Troubled Amy bit off more than she could chew when she began seducing Cain Dingle in 2011.

Having developed feelings for David Metcalfe, who didn't return her affections, she started sleeping with the village bad boy in a desperate attempt to get the shopkeeper's attention.

But it backfired on her big time when she ended up pregnant by Cain.

Naturally he was furious and threatened to harm her if she didn't have an abortion, but Amy later found out she was too far gone.

She gave birth to a little boy in the church graveyard that Christmas and, convinced her baby was dead, abandoned him in the village phonebox.

Denise Fox and Fatboy – EastEnders

Denise and Fatboy spent the night together in 2012 after he rescued her from being preyed on by a sleazy bloke.

Seduced by the idea of an older woman, Fatboy continued to pursue Denise and the pair met up for an afternoon of passion.

But Denise called time on their affair a few days later, telling him she would always think of it as a 'great memory'.

That wasn't the end of it though – in January 2014 the pair shared a steamy smooch during her engagement party to Ian Beale at The Queen Vic.

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