Tipping Point fans baffled as contestant makes worst decision ever on ITV show

Tipping Point viewers have dubbed a player's controversial gameplay the "worst decision ever".

As four new players took on the coin machine to win a possible £10,000 prize, contestant Lizzie joined her fellow contestants in the first round to take on a series of trivia questions.

Having buzzed in first, Lizzie, a Therapeutic Counsellor from Blackpool, made the odd decision to pass her winning counter over to contestant Jordan, despite the machine being full of coins sitting right on the tipping point.

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A delighted Jordan played the free counter, with Ben wondering if she had just “gifted” him by offering up a free play.

“Another brave decision from Lizzie. It could work, it could backfire” said Ben

That’s quite a generous pass their lizzie.

Sure enough, Jordan played the counter and bagged a whopping 13 counters, taking his score way up to £1500.

Players were utterly baffled at the move, and took to Twitter to share their thoughts.

“That pass was one of the worst decisions I've seen on this show,” blasted one viewer.

“Lizzie's tactics not so good, why pass your last counter? Machine was full!” said another.

A third added: “13 counters! Unlucky for some Lizzie!

While a third said: “Serves you right Lizzie for passing that massive drop… sausage!”

The blunder follows another bizarre decision from former contestant Dylan on a recent episode with his choice of drop zone for the jackpot counter sparking some online outrage.

Advancing to the final with his £1,350, Dylan put his jackpot counter into the machine in drop zone three, but many fans began questioning if he had ever seen the show given how much better the other drop zones were.

Confused, one viewer said: "there's a double that is easier to get in drop zone one. Honestly, has he ever seen this game before?"


A third blasted: "DzThree? He off his t**s? #TippingPoint.”

His poor choice of drop zone resulted in the end of his lucky streak.

A viewer also pointed out: "Why do you go on #TippingPoint, get to the final and then play for two counter questions …"

Dylan's drop zone choice cut even deeper as just before placing the jackpot coin, he stated that he was "following his daughter's advice."

Tipping Point airs from 4 pm on weekdays on ITV.

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