'Vanderpump Rules' Reunion Recap: Andy Cohen Breaks Up Fight, Screams 'Shut the F–k Up!' at Cast

Lisa Vanderpump walks out, James Kennedy and Jax Taylor nearly come to blows and Lala Kent unloads on Raquel Leviss.

Andy Cohen really had his work cut out for him on night one of the "Vanderpump Rules" reunion, igniting and then putting out fires all over the place with the large and extremely heated cast.

Most of the hour’s drama revolved around James Kennedy and his girlfriend Raquel Leviss, who both continue to be on the outs with almost everybody else on the show.

Lala Kent kicked off the anti-James train, telling Kennedy that she does "tremendously" miss their friendship. She called him out for "[burning] every bridge] on the show" he had, before he hit back, saying he didn’t "need her friendship" or her "fakness" in his life.

Talk then turned to Raquel and James both refusing to believe Hope’s claim that she slept with him. Kennedy claimed she lied and was simply after "Hollywood stardom," before the conversation devolved into a rather ugly screaming match over whether Raquel or Brittany Cartwright could be considered "beauty queens."

Lala then claimed she watched James "suck on a girl’s boob" in front of her, before Raquel eventually gave in and admitted she doesn’t believe her boyfriend was "completely faithful" to her before they moved in together.

Raquel aired her own grievances with Lala, who she says doesn’t support her. Lala’s kind of amazing response: "Just because you have a vagina doesn’t mean I’m going to support you." Kent then said she wished Raquel had stood up for her when James made some vile comments about her in front of her own father, something Leviss apologized for.

The fireworks between these two women exploded again when Andy brought up Raquel’s "Dad blaming" comment about Lala, where she claimed Kent was using her dad’s death as an excuse for her behavior. This set off Kent, again.

"When you lose a parent, which you will, it’s inevitable, I pray to god that whoever you’re around tip toes around you," she said to Raquel, angrily. "I hope they let you swing from f–king monkey bars screaming. I hope no one ever tries to cheapen to death and say that he’s an excuse like you did to me. Bored, move on."

Death was, unfortunately, a reoccurring topic of the evening. Lisa Vanderpump was asked by Andy how she’s holding up following the death of her brother, something which made the "RHOBH" star visibly emotional.

"I held it together while we were filming," she said, adding that, "personally it was very difficult." Vanderpump said she realized she needed help, explaining how she "went to a grief counselor and then I asked for antidepressants. I’ve never taken pills in my life, Advil’s a big deal for me."

"I guess I have feelings too and I didn’t do well this year, at all," she said, before walking off set and taking five minutes to compose herself.

When she stepped out, another huge fight erupted between Jax Taylor and James, regarding a tweet Kennedy sent out about the deaths of both Jax and Lala’s fathers. "He is just a sad man after his daddy died – brother make peace with your dead father please that goes for Lala also," he tweeted back in January, a message James admitted during the reunion was "wrong."

James saw this as an opportunity to bring up a different Twitter controversy, however, accusing Jax of making a fake Twitter account in Raquel’s name which said the two had split and accused Kennedy of sleeping with men. Jax played dumb, as Ariana Madix said his phone number was "connected" to the account.

The two got up, nearly got physical with each other, before Cohen broke them apart. Another screaming match erupted, as Jax called Raquel "a little bitch," James called Brittany a "hillbilly" and Kristen Doute a "dumb bitch."

As Vanderpump walked back out, an exhausted Cohen screamed, "Guys, shut the f–k up!"

The drama will surely continue when Part 2 airs 13 and Part 3 the week after, on May 20.

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