Virgin River season 4: Paiges survival sealed by Preacher drugging clue

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Preacher (played by Colin Lawrence) was drugged and abandoned in the middle of the forest just before the credits rolled on the latest instalment of Virgin River. When the popular Netflix drama continues next year, the jury is still out on whether the conspicuous absence of his friend Paige (Lexa Doig) will finally be explained, but Preacher’s fate could hold the answers.

It was going to be hard to top the attempted murder of Jack Sheridan (Martin Henderson), but Virgin River season three still managed to drop some huge bombshells in its final episode.

Jack’s best friend Preacher has been taking care of Paige’s son Christopher (Chase Petriw) and there could be shocking consequences for the child when the series returns.

After meeting up with one of Paige’s friends, Preacher accepted a drink which turned out to be poisoned.

With Preacher potentially lying dead or dying in the woods and Paige still missing from the series, Christopher could fall prey to his father’s twin brother, Vince (Steve Bacic).

Vince has been trying to get his hands on Christopher himself after his brother Wes’ (also Bacic) death, as Paige still doesn’t have full custody of their son.

Some fans believe Preacher’s drugging is a hint Paige has already been dealt with by her so-called friend in the same manner.

However, other viewers have proposed an alternative theory, and are convinced Christopher’s mother is still out there.

Unfortunately, now Vince has his eyes on Paige’s son, it could only be a matter of time before she’s lured into a trap in Virgin River’s next season.

An article on Pure Wow has offered a chilling preview of what could be coming for Paige and Christopher when the small town drama returns.

They said: “We think Preacher’s drugging is a mere distraction.

“Think about it: The only person standing in the way between Vince and Christopher is Preacher.

“So, Vince likely hired someone to lead Preacher into the woods and drug him, so Vince could snatch the child without Preacher interfering.”

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Although Paige accidentally killed her abusive ex-husband, Vince likely doesn’t consider her as much of a threat as ex-Marine Preacher.

He may have hired someone to take him out of the picture, or even paid off one of Paige’s friends to temporarily incapacitate him.

Hopefully Preacher can recover from the ambush, but with Paige still out of town, Vince only has Connie (Nicola Cavendish) to get through to recover Christopher.

However, Paige was frequently mentioned throughout the third season, so there’s still a strong chance she could return and help Preacher take on Vince next time.

Pure Wow explained: “One reason for Paige’s absence in season three could be the coronavirus pandemic.

“Producers had to limit the number of people allowed on set, which is why some characters—like Hope (Annette O’Toole)—were shown only via FaceTime.”

As Jack managed to recover from a fatal bullet wound, it’s unlikely fans will be seeing any major deaths when season four gets underway.

Virgin River season four will be released in 2022 on Netflix.

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