Welcome to Plathville’s Olivia Plath is slammed for asking husband Ethan to be 'just friends’ after she moved out

WELCOME to Plathville fans slammed Olivia Plath for telling husband Ethan she wants to be just friends.

On Tuesday's episode of the TLC show the couple had more difficult talks as they remained separated after Olivia moved out.

The Plaths sat down for a serious chat where Ethan said he wants to be together, and wants to have a family – and ideally for that to be with Olivia.

Olivia, 23, responded: "I love you a lot. But… I don’t see us getting back together anytime soon.

"I think we can see each other at couple's counseling. Make it a point to see each other elsewhere…'

She added, "I’m not going to move back in right now"

"I think for right now just like being friends would be really good."

Ethan said in a confessional that hearing Olivia say the friends things "really deflates me."

Ethan asked his wife: "Why is it we can’t work on things together? Why do we have to be separated?"

Olivia replied: "I can't live there." and added that she though Ethan needed space to figure out what he wants "without my voice in your ear."

Many fans accused Olivia of wanting out of the marriage but being too scared to end it.

One fan said: "she's a coward just say you want a divorce. Let him go."

Another chimed in: "I think Olivia wants out."


"Not Olivia asking Ethan to just be her friend while he’s still married to her. This poor man cannot win with her." another person said.

One person accused Olivia of being "lame": Why would you not wanna go back home to your HUSBAND?! Save the lame excuses."

"girl… he’s the one saying he wants to be with you, he’s making the best choice for him. you’re the one wanting to just be fRiEnDs!1!1!1!" came another poster.

Meanwhile, it seems like Olivia and Ethan are back on track as on Tuesday Olivia posted an Instagram about being "best friends" with Ethan.

"Relationships are always stronger when you are best friends first, and a couple second." Olivia captioned a photo of the couple together.

She added, "Had to learn this the hard way. Grateful to be on this side."

The couple's marriage problems have been documented during season three as they disagreed about where to live, with Olivia wanting the city life, but Ethan being happy in the rural town of Cairo, Georgia.

However, last week it was revealed that the duo sold their Cairo home, hinting that they made the move to a new town.


Earlier in the season Olivia confided in Ethan's sister Moriah, 18, about being relieved about a miscarriage she suffered.

After discussing birth control with Moriah, who gushed about her relationship with Max, Olivia said she wasn't using any protection.

She then admitted that she suffered a pregnancy loss but was relieved it didn't happen.

"I did get pregnant. A little while back. And I miscarried." she said.


“I felt bad for being relieved, but I was so relieved because it was, like, a wake-up call of, like, 'I’m not ready to have a kid. I don’t want a kid.'"

"Ethan was just as relieved as me." she added.


The show follows the Plath family of Georgia and has specifically been following some of the older kids who have broken away from the strict fundamentalist Christian family more closely in recent episodes.

It centers on Kim and Barry Plath and their children — Ethan, 23, Hosanna, 21, Micah, 20, Moriah, 18, Lydia, 17, Isaac, 15, Amber, 12, Cassia, 11, and Mercy, 8.

The premise of the series is that Kim and Barry raised their kids in a strict, conservative Christian environment and limited access to technology and the outside world.

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