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JOHN Oliver addressed coronavirus conspiracy theories on his show on Sunday night.

The Last Week Tonight host received help from Hollywood celebrities such as John Cena and Alex Trebek to urge people to think about their news consumption and theories.

Here is more about the conspiracy theories.

Who is John Oliver and What is Last Week Tonight?

John Oliver, 43, is an English-American TV host and political commentator.

He hosts a late-night show called Last Week Tonight where he recaps a week of news in satire.

The half-hour show premiered on HBO in April of 2014.

His initial contract with HBO was for two years with an option for extension.

In September of 2017, HBO announced that the show had been renewed for three additional seasons of 30 episodes each, keeping the show on the air through 2020.

Oliver has full creative freedom for the show.

What conspiracy theories did John Oliver address on his show?

Oliver addressed President Trump’s coronavirus theories and other claims the commander-in-chief has made in the past.

He played a clip of radio host Rush Limbaugh, who noted that Trump never says he believes the conspiracy he is sharing, he just sends them out to the masses, which was likened to pouring gasoline on a fire.

Oliver also addressed the theories surrounding the death of Princess Diana, which claimed that she was “murdered," and admitted that he also believed that at one point.

“I’m not immune here. Embarrassingly, there is a part of me that thinks the royal family had Princess Diana killed,” Oliver said.

“I know that they didn’t, because there’s absolutely no evidence that they did, but the idea still lingers because it felt too big an event to be accidental.

“There had to be some intent there,” he added.

Oliver also accused Trump of fueling conspiracies about other political figures.

“Something he’s done on b******t claims like Obama was born in Kenya, Judge Antonin Scalia was murdered, and that millions of fake votes were cast for Hillary Clinton,” said Oliver.

He also suggested to not argue with conspiracists, as it is difficult to change their beliefs.

Instead, Oliver says to urge them to think more critically about the theories and promote empathy when discussing them.

What celebrities appeared on his show to give public service announcements?

Oliver invited several A-listers to discuss theories and how to check their validity on the internet.

Stars like John Cena, Alex Trebek, Catherine O’Hara, Paul Rudd and Billy Porter all chimed in with their opinions.

John Cena’s opinion:

The WWE wrestler suggested to be wary of the things you read on the internet as they may not be true.

“Before you go believe any theory about the pandemic, or share any information about the pandemic, it’s good to know where that information is coming from,” he said.

“Ask yourself, is this a trusted news source?” Cena added.

Catherine O’Hara’s opinion:

“Not everything on the internet is true, it’s very important to know where the information you receive is coming from,” O’Hara said in the video.

“Check to see if the majority of trusted sources agree on it,” she added.

Billy Porter’s opinion:

“Before you share anything with your friends and family, it’s good to know exactly where that information is coming from,

“A good way to know if an idea or story you read about holds water is if a majority of trusted news sources are agreeing on it,” Porter added.

Paul Rudd’s opinion:

“Think critically! You’re smart, you’re intelligent,” Rudd said in regards to examining internet theories.

Alex Trebek’s opinion:

“We are, as you all know, living in scary times. This global health crisis has everyone asking a lot of questions, but that’s a good thing,” Trebek said.

The thing about asking questions during a global pandemic is, sometimes the answers you find on the internet might seem convincing, but they are not actually true,” he added.

All of the celebrity PSA’s summed up the importance of fact-checking news and sources, as they are crucial elements to veridical information.

Their clips can be found here.

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