What rubbish! Rayner sparks social media outrage as she thrashes travel freedom plans

Rayner says removing quarantine travel measures ‘reckless’

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Angela Rayner has faced outrage on social media as she thrashes travel freedom plans. She insisted it would be “reckless” to scrap quarantine measures for fully-vaccinated arrivals from the US and EU. Speaking on Sky News on Wednesday, the deputy Labour leader reacted to reports about a potential relaxation of travel rules.

She said: “I think actually at the moment everybody wants to go on holiday and get back to normal as quickly as possible, but this is reckless.

Currently, people in the UK who have been double-jabbed do not have to quarantine when traveling from the EU and US as these are on the amber list, with some EU countries being on the green list.

However, there is speculation that the Government might also relax travel rules for tourists who haven’t been jabbed within the NHS system.

Presenter Kay Burley asked: “Which particular part of it is reckless, do you feel?

“Because a lot of Brits want to go on holiday, they’ve been double jabbed, get a week in the sun after the last 18 months, come back and be able to go back to work, rather than having to self-isolate.

In response, Ms Rayner said: “Sure, and I completely understand people’s position on that and of course we want to be able to facilitate that as quickly as possible.


She continued: “So therefore, we believe that at the moment the Government haven’t done enough to make sure that we safeguard our borders, and we haven’t got an internationally recognised vaccine passport, which is what the government said that they were working towards.

Twitter erupted at Ms Rayner’s opposition to the relaxation of travel rules for tourists, with some users questioning her support for workers in the tourism sector facing uncertainty because of the current policies.

One user wrote: “What rubbish! Either there’s a benefit to being fully vaccinated or there isn’t. I’m in France and was allowed in without quarantine because I’m fully vaccinated.”


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Another commented: “How can you back vaccine passports then if we’re not trusting the protection level of the vaccine?”

“Tests, vaccines and quarantine weren’t needed this time last year. Locking a person up for 10 days doesn’t benefit anyone’s health.”

One wrote: “What is the endpoint for Labour? closed borders until the virus are eliminated globally? Separating families forever? – travel is not just for holidays.”

And another said: “So she doesn’t support the travel industry then? She wants it to collapse by keeping restrictions in place?

“But then, Labour are famous for wanting people to be unemployed and dependant on the state.”


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