Where is Sean Ellis from Netflix's Trial 4 now and did he get compensation?

NETFLIX's gripping new drama, Trial 4, has wowed audiences and critics alike as it explores themes of police corruption and institutional racism.

The docu-series follows Sean Ellis who says he was wrongfully convicted of murdering Boston police detective John Mulligan in 1993. But what happened to him and did he prove his innocence?

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Who is Sean Ellis?

Sean spent 22 years in jail after being imprisoned at the age of 19.

Netflix documentary Trial 4 shows Sean facing three different trials – with the first two resulting in hung juries and mistrials – before he was found guilty.

Ellis has maintained his innocence from the start.

The title Trial 4 comes from the upcoming fourth trial that Ellis was preparing for when the series started filming him.

What happened to John Mulligan?

John Mulligan 52, was executed on September 26, 1993, while he was on duty.

The night of Mulligan's death, he parked outside of a Walgreens while working on a paid detail in Roslindale.

Someone then took Mulligan's service weapon, a 9mm Glock, and shot him five times in the face with a .25 caliber pistol. Ellis was out getting diapers at Walgreens for his cousin.

Soon after his death, police arrested 19-year-old Sean Ellis for the homicide, alleging that Ellis and his friend Terry Patterson were after Mulligan's gun.

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Trial 4 is an eight part docuseries that explores how the evidence tying Ellis has been dubious.

It also brings into question themese of police corruption and systemic racism within law enforcement.

What truly happened during Mulligan's murder remains unclear.

Where is Sean Ellis now?

Suffolk County prosecutors had initially scheduled the retrial for October 2018, then it was rescheduled for September 2019.

However, in December 2018, all charges against him were dropped.

According to JusticeForSeanEllis.com, Ellis has done his best to regain normality in his life.

A member ofhis mother's church housed him for three years and has also learned how to drive for the first time.

Ellis currently works as a Development Associate non-profit organisation Community Servings.

The company describes itself as "a Boston non-profit agency that prepares and delivers medically appropriate meals to ill and elderly homebound residents."

Did Sean Ellis get compensation?

Ellis was released from prison in 2015.

But according to Esquire, there’s been no indication that Ellis has received any compensation or settlement for his time in prison.

The magazine said it had contacted Mr Ellis' lawyer to enquire further -to find out if there are plans to sue the Boston Police Department – but they did not respond to the request.

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