Who does Phil Mitchell shoot in EastEnders? Jack Branning isn't the real target as he'll soon find out

DETECTIVE Ben Mitchell found Sharon’s necklace at Jack Branning’s house last week and convinced his dad that Jack's the real father of Sharon’s baby.

Phil Mitchell was then seen brooding with a gun at the end of last night’s episode but who is he going to shoot?

Who does Phil shoot in EastEnders

EastEnders fans know that Phil recently discovered that he isn’t the father of his wife Sharon's baby.

Realising that Sharon had lied about going to Dennis’ parents evening, Phil examined her sat nav and discovered she’d been to visit Lisa at the clinic.

Phil then said to son Ben: "Sharon's been lying to me.

"She's been lying to me about where she goes, she's been lying to me about what she does.

"You know what that means, don't you? It means that baby ain't mine."

Phil then got further proof when he and Ben did some digging and realised that Sharon had bought a villa under Mel’s name in Portugal.

Phil realised that Mel – who Sharon hated to much to give a villa – must have known the truth and been blackmailing Sharon.

In a classic Phil outburst, he then smashed the laptop down onto the table.

Phil is getting closer to the scent, but was recently thrown off after Ben found Sharon’s necklace at Jack Branning’s house.

The pair are now convinced the culprit is Jack – and not son-in-law Keanu Taylor.

Phil was seen brooding with a gun at the end of last night’s episode – will he end up shooting Jack?

But fans will have to wait to find out who gets caught in Phil’s firing line, as exact plot details are under wraps for now.

Does Phil hurt Jack Branning in EastEnders? 

EastEnders viewers were left shocked as Phil tried to run over Jack Branning in last night’s episode.

Sitting in his car, Phil slammed on the accelerator as he saw Jack crossing the road alone.

But as Jack’s kids ran into the road, Phil slammed on the brakes and narrowly missed the children.

Official spoilers have revealed that Phil is set to torture Jack in upcoming episodes.

And now more EastEnders spoiler pictures have shown the moment Phil’s revenge gets underway.

The pics reveal the terrifying moment Jack is ambushed and kidnapped.

A bag is put over his head, as two men bundle him into the back of a van.

But with exact details under wraps, fans will have to wait to find out whether Jack gets seriously hurt before Phil realises he’s innocent.

When does Phil find out the truth in EastEnders?

EastEnders has released an explosive trailer ahead of its Christmas Day special that reveals the moment Phil lashes out at Sharon after FINALLY discovering Keanu is the father of her unborn baby.

The trailer makes clear that Phil discovers the truth in time to confront Sharon in explosive scenes slap bang in the middle of Christmas Day.

The Mitchell hardman screams at his wife “worth it, was he?” before hurling a chair across the dinner table.

But knowing Phil’s hot temper, the dinner is the least of Sharon’s worries.

Whether Phil discovers that Keanu is the father before Christmas day – giving him time to plot his confrontation with Sharon – or on the day remains to be seen, and fans will have to tune in to upcoming episodes to find out exact timings.

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