Who is Karron Eubank and where is she now? Chris Eubank's ex-wife and Sebastian's mum

KARRON Eubank was the first wife of boxing legend Chris.

The couple were married for 15 years and had four children together.

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Who is Karron Eubank?

Karron Stephen-Martin and Chris Eubank were married in 1990.

They were together for 15 years and got divorced in 2005.

The couple had four children together.

Speaking to The Sun in 2015, she said of her ex-husband: "It was round-the-clock mayhem every single day.

“Chris Eubank lives on another planet — Planet Eubank! He needs to be adored and loved."

Speaking of their marriage, she said: "It was a tornado of s***. I had reached the stage where I just wanted to get out. But as for a divorce settlement, there was nothing left to divide. It was all gone.”

She added: “Fame made Chris Eubank feel invincible and it ended up driving me nuts. I simply couldn’t live that life any more.

"The day I left him he said, ‘You will never meet another man like me.’ I looked back at him and said, ‘Thank f*** for that’.”

Where is Karron Eubank now?

Karron, now known as Karron Meadows, remains active on Twitter where she supports her family although she keeps out of the spotlight.

Boxer and personal trainer Sebastian Eubank – the third oldest of Eubank's children – was found dead in Dubai, where he lived with his wife Salma and their young baby Raheem.

It's thought Sebastian Eubank died from drowning although this has not been officially confirmed.

Heartbroken Karron paid tribute to her son writing on social media: "Our whole family is grieving at the huge loss of our son and brother, Sebastian. Please respect our grief and privacy while we try to comprehend our loss."

Why did Karron and Chris Eubank divorce?

Chris Eubank has never fully opened up about why the pair split up although he did talk about the marriage in February 2021 on Piers Morgan’s Life Stories.

Piers asked him at the time: "How did you feel when Karron left you?"

"I didn't believe it," Eubank admitted, saying he was floored by her request, "When she said she wanted a divorce. I said, 'you can't be serious". She said, 'Yeah'.

"I said, 'OK'. But I didn't believe it. And I think it was about a year and a half later we were divorced."

Piers, 55, questioned Eubank about the rumours his alleged infidelity lead to the ruin of his first marriage, but the legendary boxer refused to open up about it.

"I always came home to my wife… I'm not going to talk of my past regrets," he said.

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