Yellowstone theory: Will Rip Wheeler kill John Dutton’s shooter?

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Yellowstone season three saw John Dutton (played by Kevin Costner) get shot by an assassin. Fans of the series are convinced he is still alive, but they are keen to find out who shot him. With Rip Wheeler (Cole Hauser) being a close family member, there is a chance he may be the one to find Dutton’s enemy.

Will Rip Wheeler kill John Dutton’s shooter in Yellowstone?

Yellowstone season three left fans on the edge of their seats as each member of the Dutton family suffered a surprise attack.

John was one of the main casualties in the season finale after he was shot by an unidentified assassin.

Fans have been speculating over who ordered the hit, with many thinking his son Jamie (Wes Bentley) had some sort of involvement.

One person fans can probably rule out is Rip, who has one of the closest bonds with John.

He may even be the one to hunt down and kill John’s shooter as an act of revenge.

John and Rip have been close since John met Rip as a troubled young boy, who had just killed his stepfather.

Wanting to give Rip another chance in life, he took him in and offered him a job on the ranch.

Rip has spent his life paying John back for the opportunity, and he has taken down anyone who stands in John’s way.

Speaking to Paramount Network, actor Hauser suggested how he would always try and hunt down those who try to hurt John.

He said: “He’s one of those loyal soldiers to John Dutton. John Dutton asks for something to be done, and Rip gets it done.

“He uses his hands a lot, he is not a weapons guy. If he’s going to f you up, he will f*** you up with your hands.

“It’s pretty horrific how Rip got to the ranch. Young Rip kills his stepdad and he takes off.”

John managed to talk Rip around and this is how their bond started, and it continued to grow.

Josh Lucas, who played the young John Dutton in the series, said there was a powerful connection between the two characters from the start.

He said: “Rip instantly knows this guy can save his life for the rest of his life and Rip immediately feels he will do anything for John.”

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Rip managed to avoid being injured in season three as he was busy digging up his mother’s body.

He wanted to find her wedding ring so he could give it to John’s daughter Beth (Kelly Reilly).

Beth was also injured in the season finale after a bomb was sent to her office and it exploded.

As both the love of his life and his father figure have been severely injured, Rip will most certainly want someone to pay.

Fans do not yet know whether it was the same person who targeted both Beth and John.

But what fans do know, is when someone on the ranch is branded, they are marked for life and become family.

With this in mind Rip will want to maintain the pride of wearing the brand and he will stand up for the ones who took him in.

Fans quickly fell in love with Rip’s character and they have taken to social media to share their thoughts on him.

One fan said: “So we have to wait for a year for Rip’s revenge tour? #Yellowstone.”

Another fan said: “I am sure Rip be kicking plenty of a** next season and taking JD’s enemies to the train station, no return tickets available.”

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