'Young Sheldon': Fans Are Convinced That Georgie's First Ex-Wife Has Already Appeared on the Show

Young Sheldon is a series with a unique background. Because it serves as a prequel to The Big Bang Theory, fans are already aware of what happens in the future, although they aren’t entirely sure how some characters get from point A to point B. Fans learned of Missy Cooper and Georgie Cooper’s adult lives during The Big Bang Theory, but they are just now learning how they got to their adult personas. That has led to more than a few theories. Fans even have a theory about Georgie’s romantic life now that they’ve seen more than a few seasons of Young Sheldon. Some viewers believe we have already met Georgie’s first wife. 

‘Young Sheldon’ fans think Georgie’s first ex-wife is Veronica 

Veronica Duncan first appeared in season 2 of Young Sheldon. First, she was a student Sheldon Cooper tutored. Later she became Georgie’s love interest. The two eventually become close. In season 3, Georgie assumes Veronica isn’t interested in having a boyfriend. He asks her if she would mind him seeing other people. Veronica tells him to do as he pleases. Her glance at him as he walks away indicates her feelings are very real, though. 

Fans of the series and The Big Bang Theory have a working theory that Veronica and Georgie have a relationship later on. According to Fandom, it’s plausible that Georgie and Veronica will eventually get married, but the marriage won’t last. In The Big Bang Theory, it is revealed that George Jr. has multiple ex-wives. There is no reason to believe his first wife isn’t Veronica. 

‘The Big Bang Theory’ never explicitly reveals who he married, though

While the theory is certainly plausible, it’s not exactly written in stone. While The Big Bang Theory did reveal that Georgie married his first wife when he was still a teenager, a name was never explicitly stated. So, it seems plausible that Georgie eventually married and subsequently divorced Veronica; fans don’t know for sure, though. 

It seems equally possible that Georgie meets someone else between season 5 and when he gets married. In season 5 of the series, Georgie is around 16, meaning he has a few more years to find his first wife. If it does happen, fans hope Young Sheldon will break with The Big Bang Theory and leave Veronica and Georgie together. The series doesn’t seem particularly interested in doing that, though. Veronica’s future inclusion in the show remains up in the air. She hasn’t been seen since season 3. 

What did fans learn about Georgie Cooper in ‘The Big Bang Theory’?

While the names of Georgie’s wives were left out of The Big Bang Theory, fans of the original series learned a fair bit about Sheldon’s older brother during the show’s run. Georgie is a bit unique when compared to the rest of the Cooper family. While Missy, Mary Cooper, and Sheldon’s grandma all made appearances during the show’s earlier seasons, Georgie didn’t appear until later. He was still heavily discussed, though. 

Fans learn that, like the rest of the Coopers, Sheldon is put off by his lack of intelligence. Later though, it’s shown that Georgie grows up to be successful, albeit in business instead of science. Fans also learned that he stepped up to take care of the family after George Cooper Sr.’s death. Georgie also revealed that he resented Sheldon for his personality quirks. Most importantly to the fan theory, viewers learned that George was successful in business but unlucky in love.

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