10,000-strong eco mob shuts down Dutch highway for three days

10,000-strong eco mob shuts down Dutch highway for three days: Police finally take water cannon to protesters blocking traffic to The Hague

  • It is the third day of protesting against the government’s subsidies for fossil fuels

Up to 10,000 climate activists blocked the A12 highway at The Hague in protest this morning, with police forced to deploy a water cannon to clear the major highway.

It is the third day that mobs of people have been protesting over government subsidies for fossil fuels.

News agency ANP said thousands of protesters were blocking the major traffic artery into the Dutch seat of government in both directions.

Footage showed eco-zealots marching down the road with posters and flags while an orchestra played on a makeshift bandstand. 

Dutch police officers can be seen standing in packs as they shoot powerful water canons at protesters while others attempt to lift defiant activists out of the road. 

A climate activist is arrested on the Hague’s A12 motorway as it is blocked for the third day in a row in protest against the government’s support for the fossil fuel industry

Climate activists being sprayed with a police water cannon before being removed from the A12 motorway

Eco protesters are sprayed with the police’s water canons as they block the A12

A climate activist is carried away by police officers on the A12 motorway

An eco mob dominated the A12 this morning which leads towards the Dutch parliament

Over the weekend around 3,000 activists were detained by police during two days of protests on and around the A12.

And on Saturday an estimated 10,000 activists joined the protest, while on Sunday several hundreds blocked the road.

Extinction Rebellion, which organises the events, has said protesters will try to block the highway on a daily basis until the Dutch government stops using public funds to subsidise the oil and gas industry.

On Saturday protesters wore swimming costumes and waterproof coats as they danced while police fired water cannons against them on the Utrechtsebaan on the A12.  

The activists have threatened a permanent blockade of the motorway, vowing to ‘stay or come back every day’ until fossil fuel subsidies are dropped.

Among those held was Dutch actress Carice van Houten, best known for her role as Melisandre in the hit TV series ‘Game of Thrones,’ said Extinction Rebellion spokeswoman Anne Kervers. 

Eco protestors stand in defiance against the police’s powerful water canons

Dutch police officers attempt to lift protestors off the road towards The Hague

Dutch police push back at climate activists on the A12 in The Hague

Activists sit as police fire water canons at them

A woman makes a peace sign with her hand as she is carted away by a police officer

The police use water cannons against climate activists from Extinction Rebellion who block the Utrechtsebaan on the A12 in The Hague

Protesters on the front line held up their fists in resistance or put their heads down to protect themselves from the jets of water

They also held up signs, with one reading: ‘What about future generations?’ to protest against fuel subsidies

Arrested protestors are wheeled of by Dutch police after blocking a highway. Police have made an unknown number of arrests

Police arrested another protestor, who looked like they had brought an inflatable swan along

Dutch actress Carice van Houten participates in the action by climate activists

Horns, whistles and police sirens could be heard around the city, as protesters paraded the streets in vehicles.

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The activists brandished signs with sayings like ‘Fossil Fuel Subsidies are Not Cool,’ and warned that the extreme temperatures seen around the world this summer are a sign of the future, if fossil fuels aren’t abandoned.

After several hours, police moved in and fired volleys from water cannons at the crowd, and picked up or dragged some protesters away, wheeling them away in special orange wagons.

Protesters on the front line held up their fists in resistance or put their heads down to protect themselves from the jets of water. 

Those farther back danced and jumped up and down under the spray, appearing to enjoy the shower on an unusually hot September day for the Netherlands. 

Around 25,000 people had turned out from across the country for the protest by early afternoon according to Extinction Rebellion.

The Hague mayoral spokesman Robin Middel put the turnout at around 10,000 to 12,000.

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