12-year-old girl in Russia dies after swallowing lithium battery

A 12-year-old Russian girl died in agony after accidentally swallowing a tiny lithium watch battery that became embedded in her esophagus, according to a report.

Valeria Makarova, who had been changing the battery in her watch when the accident happened, was told by doctors at a hospital that it would pass naturally and to go home, the UK’s Sun reported.

She soon began coughing up blood and was given an X-ray, but doctors couldn’t spot the battery because it had gotten jammed in her esophagus, according to the news outlet.

Lithium button batteries can cause a lethal chemical reaction as they react with saliva.

“Her death is so painful, all the more because it was a terrible accident,” a family friend said.

“Valeria was changing a button battery in her watch and automatically put it in her mouth. She accidentally swallowed it,” the friend said, according to The Sun. “This is a ridiculous death of a child, who had turned 12 on May 5.”

Authorities have launched a preliminary investigation into the treatment the girl received at hospitals in her hometown of Zhukovka and Bryansk city.

Another friend, Elizaveta Smirnova, posted that Valeria had suffered for several days.

Swallowed button cell and diedSwallowed button cell and diedSwallowed button cell and died

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