£58m lotto winner finally bought house – with 1970s toilet and bathroom

A CANNY £58 million lottery winner has finally bought himself a house – a £1m “doer-upper” place complete with 70s-style electric blue bathrooms.

Ryan Hoyle, 38, splashed out on the home so he can renovate it with his tradesman pals.

The joiner won the life-changing amount during lockdown last April and celebrated in a friend’s back garden due to Covid restrictions.

He was living in a rented £350-a-month one bed flat on a smart council estate in Rochdale, Greater Manchester, when his lucky numbers came in.

And after going public with his good fortune, Ryan, 39, said he planned to buy a property but denied he would buy a mansion, joking: “You don’t need a swimming pool in Greater Manchester, it’s not hot enough”.

Ryan has now snapped up a 1980s stone-built four bedroom detached home which sits in an acre of gardens and boasts stunning views of the Greater Manchester countryside.

True to his word, the property doesn’t come with a swimming pool – but it does have a ready made workshop for Ryan to tinker in.

And after a hard day’s graft, he can relax in a sauna room.

While the house is a stunner from the outside, the interior is in need of modernisation to replace the shagpile carpets, a 1980s kitchen and a dated blue bathroom

A source said: “Ryan has bought himself a lovely house which is geographically close to where his family and friends are, but a world away from the council flat he was living in before his win.

“The property had been on the market for a while because quite a few prospective buyers were put off by the interior as it needs a complete revamp.

“But Ryan is a joiner and lots of his mates are builders and tradesmen so he bought it knowing that his mates would help him make it the perfect home.

“And by doing the work himself, he knows the property will go up in value – not that that’s too much of a concern when you’ve got £58 million in the bank.”

When Ryan won the cash in April last year, he was helping his brother do up a property which he planned to sell for a quick profit.

The white van man said at the time: “I'm nearly done so will see the job through. After that, who knows?”.

But he insisted: “Thirty-eight years old – there's no chance I'm going to retire.”

Last month The Sun told how Ryan had treated seven of his tradesmen pals to a dream week in Dubai.

He and his mates grabbed first class flights, drank £1,700 bottles of champagne and stayed in five-star penthouse suites during the holiday of a lifetime.

Ryan said: "Covid's made things tough for everyone so it was great to be able to get away and have a party. I've known all the lads for around 20 years and wanted to treat them to a trip they'd never forget."

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