Acrobat slipped and crashed down to the stage at restaurant in Mexico

Show must go on! No one helped after Aerial performer crashed onto stage mid set at a restaurant in Mexico – the singer even kept belting ‘I Will Always Love You’

  • A female aerialist escaped serious injury when she slipped from her partner’s hand and crashed on top of a stage at a restaurant in Colima, Mexico
  • The woman, named Angy, was performing a routine with her partner, Estefano, during a show last Thursday
  • The singer did not stop performing her rendition of Whitney Houston’s ‘I Will Always Love You’ when Angy fell down
  • Angy appeared to be fine after the show ended, telling the dining crowd: ‘I hope you understand that accidents happen, but it’s all good, we’re still standing’

An acrobat slipped from her partner’s hands and crashed to the stage at a Mexican restaurant while a singer continued her rendition of Whitney Houston’s ‘I Will Always Love You.’

Footage filmed by a guest showed the duo performing a routine during a show at the Don Comalón restaurant in Comala, Colima, last Thursday.

The aerialist, identified as Angy, is pulled up from the stage as her partner, Estefano, is suspended above air by a cable. 

Angy positioned her legs around Estefano’s arms that were stretched out as the spun around while the singer sang Houston’s hit song from the film, ‘The Bodyguard.’

An aerialist named Angy (left) is seen crashing to the stage at a restaurant in Colima, Mexico, while the singer (right) continued her rendition of Whitney Houston’s ‘I Will Always Love You’

Angy sat on the shoulders of her dance partner Estefano and told the dining crowd that she was doing fine despite the frightening fall that she suffered during a show

She subsequently posed holding her left leg with her left arm while Estefano held on to her right leg.

They attempted a second move as they slowly spun and both of Angy’s legs were wrapped around Estefano’s right arm when he appeared to lost control.

Angy dropped to the stage and landed on her back as Estefano frantically motioned to be lowered to the ground. 

Estefano is lowered to the stage as Angy lies on the ground while the singer continues to sing Whitney Houston’s hit song, ‘I Will Always Love You’ at a restaurant in Mexico

The singer never stopped her performance while Angy was lying on the stage

Estefano and a stage member check on Angy after the dancer fell while performing an aerial routine at a restaurant in Mexico on Thursday

Instead of stopping the performance, the singer and the band continued their set as Estefano and a man who was standing behind the stage checked on Angy’s well-being.

There was some outrage over the viral video, with one commenter writing, ““No man!!!, why didn’t they stop?? They should have attended to her immediately.” 

Thankfully Angy didn’t seem to be too seriously injured by the scary fall as she addressed the dinning crows while she sat on Estefano’s shoulders at the conclusion of the show.

‘I hope you understand that accidents happen, but it’s all good, we’re still standing,’ she said.

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