Australian Olympic commentators try to explain slang in awkward moment

Cringeworthy moment Olympic commentators try to explain Australian slang and culture to a confused Japanese colleague at the beach volleyball

  • Aussie commentator tried fill dead air in near-empty stadium at beach volleyball
  • Lack of atmosphere is suspected to be cause of rambling about Aussie slang
  • Spent about 30 seconds explaining the origins of the word ‘g’day’ to others
  • The strangeness had no effect on the team who won both sets against Italians  
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Australian commentators have awkwardly tried to bridge the language barrier at the Tokyo Olympics by taking the time to explain the origins of ‘g’day’ to a Japanese colleague.

The bizarre incident occurred just as Australian beach volleyballers Taliqua Clancy and Mariafe Artacho del Solar stepped onto the sand on Wednesday night for their match against Italians Marta Menegatti and Viktoria Orsi Toth.

The Aussie announcers Brenton Speed and Kerri Pottharst spent almost 30 seconds explaining the meaning behind the Australian greeting ‘good day’, with some suspecting the rambling was caused by the silence in the empty stadium.

The Australian female beach volleyball team won against Italy on Wednesday night despite awkward ramblings from the commentators at the start of the game

Despite the Tokyo Olympic organisers attempting to create an atmosphere at the Games with strobe lights installed in the four corners of the stadium and upbeat pop music, athletes and commentators alike have all noticed the difference a lack of crowd makes. 

When asked about the difference in the atmosphere at the games, volleyballer Clancy said: ‘Once the game starts we don’t really notice it too much but I think sometimes, yeah we still miss the crowd that’s for sure.

‘Because the crowd brings that extra level of adrenaline I think it is actually holding athletes’ nerves a bit more without the crowd and the screaming and yelling.’

One half of the duo Mariafe Artacho del Solar (pictured) celebrates another point as the Australians qualify for the knockout rounds

Australia won both sets against the Italians, winning the first set 22-20 before bringing it home with a 21-19 win in the second after starting in an early deficit.

The win qualifies Australia for the knockout round of 16, with one match still to play in the preliminary pool. 

Clancy said that even though they were tested by Italy, they never doubted their ability to take the win.  

‘For us it was never in doubt. It was really tough conditions which were really good for serving, so we knew we had to stay patient. It was tough, but in my heart I knew we were going to pull out the win.’ 

The duo will hit the sand again at Shiokaze Park on Friday at 4pm AEST, trying to continue their winning streak as they compete against Russian Olympic Committee representatives Nadezda Makroguzova and Svetlana Kholomina. 

This final match Friday against Russian Olympic Committee will determine who tops the pool.  

The team (pictured) will hit the sand again on Friday competing against the ROC team in the last match of the pool

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