'Britain’s most disgusting home’ with a filthy toilet, piles of rubbish everywhere sells for eye-watering sum

A FILTHY home dubbed 'Britain's most disgusting' has sold for £35,000 more than expected.

The three-bed semi-detached property in Devon went under the hammer today with bidding starting at £110,000.

Keen buyers placed offers in £5k incriminates before a proxy bid saw the auction hover at £145,000.

But it wasn't over yet, the home's potential new owners battled at smaller increases from £2,000 to £1,000 to £500.

Finally after a small duel between two keenbefore the property in port city Plymouth sold for £145,000.

While auctioneers say the house will be cleared of its filth before the sale, upsetting pictures show the huge amount of work cleaners face.

The outside of the home is almost completely obscured by ivy and greenery.

Branches cover windows, plunging the address into darkness.

A pathway to the door is similarly covered by nettles and vines.

Distressing photos taken inside the property show scenes of filth and decay.

Once inside, the scale of neglect becomes clear.

Newspapers, bottles and plastic bags cover the carpet, with not a clear inch of space visible on the floor.

Behind a beaded curtain lies the kitchen.

The room, at the rear of the home, is in a deeply shocking condition.

The floor is completely hidden by piles of trash, with countless empty bottles of milk blocking a path from one side of the room to the other.

Empty jars, egg cartons and pizza boxes have been left atop a filthy hob, while the door of the oven is open and used as another shelf for more litter.

The fridge is fully-stocked with rotting food.

The final room gives a clue about who the former owners were.

It's thought an elderly couple lived there with their son.

However, when the parents died, it's believed the man struggled to cope – and the house fell into a state of chaos.

Family pictures still line the walls of the master bedroom, while earrings and a cardigan are hanging up and bottles of perfume stand alongside a vanity mirror.

A man's wallet is on one of the bedside tables.

Sadly, it's not know what happened to the man after the house was abandoned.

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