Chilling video captures Nashville tattoo parlor rocked by explosion

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Terrifying video shows the moment a Nashville tattoo parlor was destroyed along with dozens of other businesses by Christmas Day suicide bomber Anthony Quinn Warner.

The black-and-white footage shows the interior of Nashville Ink Tattoo seconds before the blast, which was accompanied by a blinding flash followed by widespread destruction.

“To all of our customers and friends, Nashville ink was heavily damaged from the explosion on Christmas morning,” the business said on its Facebook page.

“Our team is well, our hearts go to all the people and businesses that got impact from this horrible action. We send blessings to all of you,, Hopefully 2021 will be better year for all,” it added.

Investigators are reportedly investigating whether Warner, a local IT expert, was motivated to target an AT&T building over fears of 5G cellular technology and his paranoid suspicions that it is killing people and being used to spy on Americans.

The explosion, which injured three people, was preceded by an audio recording from Warner’s RV urging people to evacuate the area, suggesting to investigators that his motive was destruction, but not death.

Federal, state and local law enforcement agencies are investigating the 63-year-old man’s motive.

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