Chris Christie once threatened to sit on Mike Bloomberg, memoir claims

Paunchy former New Jersey governor Chris Christie once threatened to sit on Mike Bloomberg — during a bizarre, jealous rant involving the Queen of England.

The asinine threat is alleged in former governor David Paterson’s dishy new memoir, “Black, Blind & in Charge.”

It was July 8, 2010. Paterson was leading New York and Christie was the Garden State’s top exec as they awaited the arrival of Queen Elizabeth at Ground Zero, where the royal was to lay a wreath.

Then-New York City Mayor Bloomberg had yet to arrive, and Christie was seething about the city honcho, Paterson recounts.

“I was told by the protocol people that nobody escorts the Queen but Prince Philip,” the rotund Jersey chief executive sniped to Paterson. “But I bet you that Bloomberg is going to try to stand in front of us both and escort her.”

Paterson shrugged in response.

“Yeah Chris, Michael always takes charge like that,” Paterson says he told Christie. “I’m OK with it.”

Christie was definitely not OK with it.

“Well I’m not putting up with it this time,” Paterson remembers Christie snapping.

“If he tries it today, I want you to trip him and I’m gonna sit on him,” Christie plotted.

“Christie was pissed,” Paterson remembers in the book.

Complicating matters, it was a 98-degree July day, and the portly Christie “practically had steam coming out of his ears.”

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