Climate activists in England accidentally flood street with fake blood

There was fake blood running in the streets of London Thursday — thanks to an elaborate, and ultimately spectacularly botched stunt by climate change activists.

Activists with Extinction Rebellion had purchased a decommissioned fire truck on eBay in hopes of spraying fake blood on the British Treasury building, but most of it wound up flooding the street, according to reports.

The group said it was protesting how the UK spends “vast sums” on fossil fuel exploration while paying lip service to global warming concerns, according to a statement reps gave to The Washington Post.

The protesters did manage to spray some of the fake blood — which was simply water with red food coloring — onto the building’s facade.

But just seconds later, the majority of the fire truck’s 475 gallons ended up drenching the street and sidewalk after activists lost control of the hose, the report said.

The group remained on the scene until authorities arrived.

Three men and one woman were arrested and charged with alleged criminal damage, authorities told BBC.

Thursday’s event comes in advance of a coordinated, global response organized by Extinction Rebellion, where beginning Oct. 7 activists from 60 countries will protest how their governments address climate change, The Washington Post said.

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