Cow holds up M25 traffic for 90 minutes

Cow holds up M25 traffic for 90 minutes as police close busy motorway in bid to capture the runaway animal

  • Highways England closed the M25 in Surrey after the cow broke onto the road 
  • The heifer stood on the middle lane of the anti-clockwise carriageway at 8.30am
  • The farmer and traffic officers were able to recover the cow from the roadway  

Traffic was held up for around an hour-and-a-half after an escaped cow broke through a fence and wandered onto the M25 – causing traffic chaos.

The rogue heifer stood in the middle of the anticlockwise carriageway leaving all traffic held up in both directions.

Highways England officers and the farmer tried to get the farm animal back into the field next to the motorway as vehicles backed up from near Junction 6 at Godstone, Surrey.

Vehicles ground to a halt from around 12 miles near Merstham, Surrey, to Clacket Lane services near Westerham.

Highways England were forced to close the M25 in both directions for 90 minutes after a cow broke onto the carriageway near Godstone, Surrey

The incident led to 12 mile tailbacks  across Surrey until the farmer was able to retrieve his cow

Motorway cameras showed all traffic was stationary just after 9am with the cow roaming across the road as Highways England tried to shepherd it back to the green pastures.

Surrey Police said the cow made a bid for freedom just after 8.30am, but officers did not attend the scene.

A spokeswoman for the force said: ‘We were called at 8.35am by a member of the public to alert us to the fact that a cow had broken through the fence at Godstone on the M25, anti-clockwise between junctions 7 and 5. Highways England are dealing with the incident and are in touch with the farmer.’

Even after the animal was removed, there were further delays of another half-an-hour due to the backlog of traffic.

Highways England confirmed the runaway cow was ushered back into the safety of the field just after 9.20am.

The traffic was held up after the cow was stuk in the middle lane of the motorway 

A spokeswoman said: ‘A cow left an adjacent field and made its way on to the M25 anti-clockwise, between junction 6 and 5 near Godstone in Surrey at 8.36am this morning.

‘Traffic officers and the farmer worked together and the cow is back in the field. Traffic has been released in both directions.

‘There are residual delays of 30 minutes above normal journey time reported.. The carriageways were re-opened at 9.23am.’

One passing motorist wrote on social media: ‘Stuck in traffic #J6 #M25. I think there’s a large animal on the motorway.’

While another Twitter user pictured the cow in the middle of the road and added: ‘This is what happens when you travel on the M25. Oh dear.’

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