Deliveroo driver rides a Victorian penny farthing

‘I placed that order in 1892’: Bizarre moment Deliveroo driver rides a Victorian penny farthing down a London street

  • The Deliveroo driver filmed riding the penny farthing through central London 
  • Man wears the company’s famous turquoise jacket while making a U-turn in road
  • River Irvine, 25, was standing in Covent Garden when he spotted the scene

This is the bizarre moment a Deliveroo worker rides through central London on a penny farthing.

River Irvine, 25, had been standing outside Envy Barbers in Covent Garden where he works when he spotted the delivery worker wearing the food company’s famous turquoise jacket and bag making a U-turn in the road.

The worker, who was also sporting a wide brimmed hat, skillfully turned his penny farthing before travelling past Mr Irvine with his seat and Deliveroo bag almost at his head height. 

The clip has since been met with an array of amused comments on social media, with one viewer saying: ‘Damn I’m hungry. I placed that order in 1892.’ 

The Deliveroo worker rides the vintage penny farthing through Covent Garden in central London 

During the clip, which was filmed on September 9, the Deliveroo worker makes a turn in the road and heads straight towards Mr Irvine as he stands outside his place of work.

As the man rides the bicycle through the street, the barber watches in fascination before shouting : ‘Oh yes, yes mate!’

The man then passes him and briefly glances down as Mr Irvine says: ‘Lovely mate.’

Mr Irvine, from Wimbledon, said: ‘Living and working in central London, you do sort of get used to seeing weird things but this is definitely up there with one of the strangest. 

‘How often do you see a penny farthing nowadays, let alone one where the rider is wearing a bright turquoise Deliveroo jacket? 

‘When I saw him I just couldn’t help but wonder whose food he was delivering or where he could from. I did also think how fast his delivery speeds would be. 

‘He certainly seemed to make a big entrance as he turned in the street. He pulled his bike up in the pub next door to my work and popped in.’ 

The worker makes a U-turn in the road (left) before riding his penny farthing onto the pavement and towards Mr Irvine (right) 

As the worker, who is sporting the food company’s famous turquoise jacket and bag, passes Mr Irvine the barber shouts: ‘Lovely mate’

After Mr Irvine uploaded the footage to social media, viewers were quick to praise the delivery driver for finding a unique way of ‘social distancing’ and ‘grafting hard’. 

One person joked: ‘Social distancing taken to another level.’ 

While another person said: ‘Grafting hard and utilising whatever is in the loft to save money! Tough times.’  

Meanwhile another person said: ‘It’s a time machine silly. The customer placed their order next week.’ 

Social media users were quick to praise the delivery driver for finding a unique way of ‘social distancing’ 

This is not the first time the delivery worker has been spotted delivering takeaways while riding the unusual mode of transport.

In 2016, the rider was spotted riding the Victorian bike through London’s streets – including Trafalgar Square.

A Deliveroo spokesperson said: ‘This chap certainly has some wheels! 

‘Unfortunately we aren’t able to verify that the gentleman is an active Deliveroo rider, however our doors are always open if he’d like to apply to ride with us.’ 

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