Drug to reduce bloating caused by over-eating and drinking developed, experts say

A NEW pill reduces bloating caused by over-eating and drinking.

Probio-8+ is a mix of eight bacterial types that zap gas from fruit, veg, soft drinks and lager.

But it must be taken for four weeks to work.

Dr Miriam Ferrer, of Cambridge-based maker FutureYou, said: “People take these products for a few days and give up as they see no benefit.

“It takes weeks for the bacteria to start their job.

“There’s evidence combinations are more effective than a single bacteria strain.”

The six-week study published in the journal Advances in Microbiology, one of only a handful of research projects ever to investigate bloating, involved 44 otherwise healthy volunteers aged 21 and upwards complaining of temporary tummy problems.

All reported a reduction in symptoms at the end of the six-week trial and work is now continuing to understand exactly how the bacterial combination gets rid of colonies of gas-forming bugs in the digestive system.

The drug was developed after Dutch and Swiss research.

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