Erfurt stabbings – Knifeman slashes two strangers at a bus stop days after horror rampage killed three in Germany

A KNIFEMAN has slashed two strangers at a bus stop, days after a horror rampage killed three in Germany.

According to reports from German news outlet MDR, police are on the hunt for the attacker, who injured a 45 and a 68-year-old victim.

The incident unfolded in Efurt, in the central German state of Thuringia on Monday morning.

The victims had allegedly been attacked with a knife, according to witnesses at the scene, and were rushed to hospital for treatment.

The attacker escaped undetected, with no trace left of him or the alleged murder weapon.

Police helicopters have been deployed as part of the search for the perpetrator, who is said to speak unaccented German.

According to a police description of the man, he is between 20 to 30 years old and was wearing a brown sweater and dark sweatpants.

He had blonde to reddish curly hair and a scarred face.

The attack comes just days after a knifeman killed at least three people and wounded 15 more in a rampage in the German city of Wurzburg, in the Bavaria region.

Shocking video shared online showed a man swinging a large blade as a group of bystanders tackled him in a town square before cops swooped in and shot the suspect in the leg.

Police said they launched a "major operation" after a number of victims were attacked – apparently at random – in Wurzburg.

In the footage, the alleged attacker is seen barefoot and armed with a long knife.

Terrified onlookers scream and shout as he lunges at passersby with the blade.

A man shouts: “He has just stabbed a woman.”

A whole crowd of people gather grabbing sticks and chairs to throw at him in a bid to stop the rampage.

A man with a long stick hits the knifeman from around the corner, with him hitting back.

But after cowering around a corner, a mob of around 20 chased after him down a side street.

Moments after, a police car eventually swoops in where he is stopped with a shot to the leg and then arrested.

According to BILD, the attacker had first asked a shop assistant for a knife in a department store before grabbing one and starting a killing spree.

He then ran into a bank and onto the street where witnesses say he stabbed people at random but mostly women.

At least three people died, all in a Woolworths store with five more seriously injured in critical condition.

Nine more, many of which bravely tried to stop the rampage, have less severe injuries.

Bavaria's Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann told the Bild newspaper on Monday there is “some evidence” of an Islamist motive in Friday’s attack.

During the search of the homeless shelter in which the Somali man was living, material was found that supported suspicions of Islamism.

Hermann had already confirmed testimony on Friday evening that the attacker shouted “Allahu Akbar” during the crime. 

The attacker is now reportedly in custody.

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