EuroMillions Jackpot rollover: When is the next draw?

A WHOPPING £184 million was up for grabs on Tuesday 12 October's Euromillions jackpot – but nobody claimed it.

So when's the next opportunity to win big?

When is the next EuroMillions draw?

The Euromillions is played every Tuesday and Friday.

Following the National Lottery's biggest jackpot of £184 million on Tuesday (12 October), the next draw will be on Friday (15 October).

However, as the Euromillions is capped at €220 million, more money cannot be added to the total.

The jackpot stays at that level for a further four draws if no-one claims the winnings.

It must be won in the fifth draw, and if no ticket matches all the numbers it is shared among all those ticket holders who are one number short, meaning multiple new multimillionaires.

How much is a Euromillions ticket?

Tickets cost £2.50 or €2.50 – depending on the country you're playing in.

Tickets for EuroMillions are sold in nine countries with ticket-holders all trying to win a share of the same jackpot each week.

What are the luckiest Euromillions numbers?

As with any Lottery game, it is completely down to chance and the amount of money you choose to gamble.

And just because these numbers may be the most commonly chosen, there is no guarantee they will be chosen in the next Euromillions draw.

The chances of matching all five Euromillions numbers and the two bonus balls is one in 139,838,160.

Players choose five numbers between 1-50 and two Lucky Stars between 1-12, but some numbers seem to crop up more than others.

According to EuroMillions statistics, number 20 is the biggest winner – having been drawn 66 times.

Its closely followed by numbers 23 and 5, which have both made an entrance 64 times.

Number 27 has been a winning ball 63 times, while 42 has made an appearance on 60 occasions.

The most common Lucky Stars, which range between 1-12, are both low numbers.

Number 2 is the out-an-out winner having been drawn 109 times and number 3 has come out 102 times.

The number drawn out the least number of times is 22 – which has been a winning number on just 37 occasions.

Eighteen has showed up just 38 times, while 40 has mirrored itself and made 40 debuts.

The other uncommon numbers are 33, drawn 42 times, and 3, which has appeared 43 times.

Ten has been drawn the least number of times (70) with one appearing 74 times.

In August 2012, Adrian and Gillian Bayford scooped the €190 million (£148.7m) jackpot.

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