Experts warn homemade sunscreens recommended by social media influencers offer minimal protection

HOMEMADE sunscreens recommended by social media influencers offer minimal protection, a study warns.

Demand for natural, organic and ethically made beauty products has seen an increase in DIY recipes among users of the Pinterest site.

But there are fears for kids after researchers said 68 per cent offered insufficient UV radiation block — increasing the risk of sunburn and skin cancer.

The US researchers urge parents to use commercially sold suncreams.

Despite rising skin cancer rates, the dodgy homemade versions are widely promoted as safe alternatives.

Matthew Gass, of the British Association of Dermatologists, said: “We strongly urge that people avoid making their own sunscreens, as it is unsafe for a number of reasons.

“Commercial sun­screens are carefully regulated, for good reason.

"Ingredients can cause skin aggravation and contact allergies, preservatives are required to prevent potentially harmful bacterial growth, and testing is necessary to ensure the level of UV protection is reliable.”

“We recommend broad spectrum sunscreens with a minimum SPF 30 and a four or five-star UVA rating.”

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