Father discovers eight-year-old son has ordered £38 Domino's order

Hilarious moment father opens front door to discover his eight-year-old son has ordered – and paid for – a £38 Domino’s delivery without telling him

  • An eight-year-old boy orders a £38 Domino’s order without telling his father
  • Andre Diurno, 37, opened door to find he ordered and paid for delivery via iPad
  • The footage, captured via a Ring doorbell, shows the delivery man in hysterics  

This is the moment a father opens his front door to discover his eight-year-old son had ordered and paid for a £38 Domino’s delivery without telling him.

The footage, which was taken on October 23, was caught via a Ring camera doorbell and shows the priceless reaction of Andre Diurno, 37, realising his eight-year-old son, Taio, had made the large pizza order in secret.

The camera footage shows the delivery man in shock when Mr Diurno, who works as a personal trainer, answers the front door in Andover, Hampshire, and asks ‘Who ordered that?’

Andre Diurno, 37, asks the delivery man how much the order was worth, before realising his son had paid for it on the families iPad (Credit: ContentBible)

Baffled Mr Diurno opens the door to realise his eight-year-old son Taio, had made the £38 pizza order in secret (Credit: ContentBible)

Mr Diurno asks the delivery man ‘how much’ the order costs before bursting into laughter saying ‘Jesus Christ!’ (Credit: ContentBible)

But after asking Taio, who was in hysterics and denying ever making the hungry decision, he burst out laughing and admitted he would have to pay for his son’s mishap – only to find the order had already been paid for on the families iPad. 

The doorbell footage shows the fast-food delivery man ask the father-of-three: ‘Hello mate. Alright, did you order?’

Baffled Mr Diurno replied ‘Who’s ordered that?’

He then asks the eight-year-old: ‘Have you ordered a pizza?’ who hilariously replies, ‘I did.’

Bursting into hysterics, the personal trainer says: ‘What? How have you ordered that? You little s**t.’

He then asks the delivery man: ‘How much has he done, mate?’

Opening the bag and showing off the order of two large pizzas, two boxes of cookies, one chicken combo and a bottle of coke, the boy’s father jokes: ‘Jesus Christ! How much was it?

The delivery man couldn’t control his laughter as he handed over the food, much to the eight-year-olds delight (Credit: ContentBible)

The Domino’s delivery driver is seen waiting at the front door of Mr Diurno’s home in Andover, Hampshire (Credit: ContentBible)

Trying to contain his laughter, the shocked delivery man replies ‘Erm, £38.’

Mr Diurno adds, ‘Bloody hell! Alright well we’ll have to take it then mate!’

In a turn of events, the delivery man reveals that the family had ‘already paid’ for their order.

Mr Diurno can then be heard asking Taio: ‘Did you pay for it on the iPad?’

Knowing he’s been caught out, Taio still denies his secret order and tells his dad: ‘No, no!’

The delivery man then bursts out laughing and hands over the unexpected order to the family of five.

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