FBI busts ‘incel’ for sending rape, death threats to Long Island couple

A Westchester “incel” was busted by the FBI for sending a barrage of rape and death threats on social media to a Long Island couple, according to federal authorities.

David Kaufman — who also goes by David Khalifa, John Morray and Big Man — “adheres to a violent and misogynistic ideology of male supremacy, white supremacy and entitlement of sex with women,” according to an indictment unsealed Tuesday in Manhattan federal court and first reported by the Daily Beast.

Kaufman, who identifies as an incel — short for involuntary celibate — sent the terrified couple and two of their friends “violent and threatening messages” on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube “in part to retaliate against [the female victim] and others for rejecting and depriving him of sex,” court papers allege.

The couple met Kaufman in 2012 when they were college students at a Long Island campus then fell out of touch until October 2019, the papers say.

Kaufman started sending the woman Facebook messages, calling her boyfriend a “Chad, “which is incel slang for an “archetypal white alpha male,” according to the indictment. He allegedly told her she doesn’t love her boyfriend but is “helplessly sexually attracted to his Chad face,” the papers state.

She blocked Kaufman on Facebook, but he then allegedly used the social media site to message the couple’s friend, saying, “It should be illegal for women to say no.”

On June 24, Kaufman allegedly used Twitter to send the woman another deranged message. “Hey. You wanna hear a joke? What’s worse than 10 Stacy’s nailed to one tree? One Stacy nailed to ten trees [laughing crying face emoji],” he allegedly wrote. Stacy is incel slang for the female counterpart of a Chad, the indictment says.

A few days later, he allegedly sent the male victim a photo of a woman who had been stabbed to death by fellow incel Elliot Rodger during a murderous rampage near a California college campus.

“This is what happened when a woman said ‘no’ to Elliot Rodger,” he wrote, according to court papers.

The following month Kaufman tweeted, “When [the female victim] and I are dead, we’ll be in heaven together forever” and in another message, “Soon I’ll be getting a gun.”

Kaufman then created another Twitter account and used an image of himself licking a photo of the female victim as his profile picture, officials charge.

The couple wasn’t his only target. In February of 2019, he allegedly delivered a hand-written note to another female victim. “Bomb in mailbox. From Big Man. I will rape you till you cry at my house,” read the disturbing letter. “I’m going to tear your skin off and rape your face open stupid whore!!!”

Kaufman was arrested and charged with three misdemeanors in Westchester County and was subject to an order of protection barring him from contact with the three victims. But the state charges didn’t deter him, and the torrent of threatening messages to the couple continued. He was busted Sept. 4 by the FBI on one count each of stalking and threatening interstate communications, court records show.

The indictment states that over the past six years, incels — who are active in chat rooms and on message boards — have committed acts of violence against women all over the world.

In 2014, Rodger declared a “War on Women” and killed six people and injured 14 others near the University of California, Santa Barbara campus before killing himself.

Kaufman’s attorney, Jason Immanuel Ser, declined to comment.

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