Florida teen arrested for stabbing mum in neck next to newborn sister

Florida honors student, Derek Rosa, 13, ‘murdered his mom by stabbing her in the NECK as she slept next to newborn daughter, then called 911 to confess’, cops say

  • The 13-year-old has no known mental health problems and there were no known issues in the family home
  • Police believe the boy waited until his mother fell asleep and then stabbed her multiple times
  • Authorities said he was calm and apologetic when they arrived at the scene 

A 13-year-old boy is in custody after authorities say he stabbed his mother to death while she slept next to her newborn, before dialing 911 to confess. 

Derek Rosa, from Hialeah, Florida, allegedly murdered his mother, Irena Garcia, 39, ‘in her bedroom next to a crib’ containing his 14-day-old baby sister last Thursday. 

Lt. Eddie Rodriguez, a spokesperson for the Hialeah Police Department, told WPLG-TV the honors student then called 911 just after 11:30 p.m. to report that he had ‘just murdered his mother.’

Officers arrived to find Garcia lying dead from several stab wounds in the neck in the family’s apartment.

Rosa then reportedly apologized to the police and went with them without incident. 

Derek Rosa, 13, is in police custody after allegedly murdering his mother last Thursday

Rosa was taken into custody by police last Thursday night 

Rosa posed with his mother and stepfather in matching outfits for a maternity photo shoot

Police believe the boy had waited until his mother had fallen asleep and then stabbed her multiple times. 

Rosa is an honor student at iMater Charter Middle/High School. 

Lieutenant Rodriguez said it was ‘not what you’d think or expect walking into that home or seeing that crime scene.’

Rodriguez said the teen ‘did not provide any information as to why he did what he did’ and added: ‘It’s something we are all asking ourselves now.’ 

Footage from the scene showed the boy walking out of the apartment as he was taken into police custody. 

One neighbour, Lazaro Rodriguez, said: ‘I was shocked, just shocked by the news. He was always with his mom, calm, he would help her carry packages or shopping bags. I never saw anything abnormal with him. I don’t know what could’ve happened.’

Rodriguez told Local 10 News last week that the boy had no history of mental health issues and police had not been to the family’s apartment before. 

He said: ‘Neighbors don’t know of any problems inside the home. So this has detectives and us dumbfounded.’


Rosa’s mother, Irena Garcia, 39, had just given birth to his younger sister two weeks before

The block of flats where Rosa lived in Florida with his family

Rosa lived in the flat with his mother, newborn sister and his stepfather, who works as a truck driver – all of whom he reportedly got along well with.

Rosa was alone in the flat with his baby sister and their mother on Thursday evening. His stepfather was reportedly away in Georgia at the time.  

The family were seen arriving at the flat and entering the apartment after Rosa was taken into custody.

A photo of the family shared by local news outlets just before Garcia gave birth shows Rosa and his stepfather in matching outfits lovingly cradling Garcia’s baby bump. 

In what appears to be a maternity photoshoot, the pair are dressed in matching light pink polo shirts and khakis.

Officials said his baby sister is now with her grandmother. 

The teen was taken to a juvenile detention center and then moved to Jackson Memorial Hospital after he threatened to harm himself. 

He appeared in court on Friday and officials say the state is hoping to take the case to a grand jury. 

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