Former nuclear bunker goes up for sale as a £10million home

It may cost a bomb… but it will protect you from one! London home that was once a nuclear bunker and is now billed as a ‘Covid refuge’ goes on sale for £10million

  • Seafield House in Mill Hill, North London, was built as a Cold War-era bunker for military commanders to use 
  • It is now a £10million home that boasts five bedrooms, six bathrooms, two kitchens, a cinema and a 30ft pool
  • The home has been billed as fit for a secretive businessman, celebrities avoiding paparazzi, or even a playboy

Its concrete walls are thick enough to withstand a 500lb bomb and its massive steel doors were built to repel all Cold War intruders. 

Now this vast nuclear bunker is being sold as a luxury refuge from a very different threat: Covid. 

The £10million home is billed as fit for a ‘secretive businessman, celebrity avoiding paparazzi, young or old playboy, trophy hoarder, car collector, original thinker or eccentric intellectual’. 

Seafield House in North London, used to be a bunker for military commanders during the Cold War, now it’s a £10million home

The bunker was one of four ‘civil defence war rooms,’ in London, with space for 50 staff and steel blast doors to protect them

In the early 1950s, Seafield House in Mill Hill was one of four ‘civil defence war rooms’ for London – the place where military commanders hoped to live through a nuclear attack.

Behind the blast doors there was room for 50 staff to live and sleep. 

There were communications rooms to bring in news from outside and a ventilation system to filter radioactive fall-out. 

From its roots as a nuclear bunker, the multi-million pound home has been billed as perfect for a playboys, secretive businessmen or even celebrities looking to dodge the paparazzi 

Thanks to a ‘grand designs’ refurbishment, it is now fit for a luxury lockdown –with five bedrooms, six bathrooms, two kitchens, a cinema, a sauna and a 30ft pool. 

It first went on the market in 2010 for £4.5million.

But despite it having doubled in price since then, there are signs the present owner isn’t wild about the neighbourhood. 

The property description reads: ‘In a dull north-west London suburb with nothing on offer.’ 

The sauna is part of a wealth of new rooms that have transformed the old bunker into a luxury home for a family or playboy 

Despite being in a ‘dull’ part of North London, the transformed home boasts scenic views from its outdoor eating area 

The bunker originally went up for sale for £4.5million, its value has more than doubled since, but the seller doesn’t seem to fond of the area, describing it as a ‘dull north-west London suburb with nothing on offer’

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